MAC introduce Fluidline liquid eyeliners

IF you’re in search of a liquid eyeliner with pigment power, clean lines and the ability to last more than 20 minutes without rubbing off, look no further than MAC’s latest release – Fluidline pens. They’re a simple liquid liner with a sharp tip which makes winged eyeliner a manageable task (even if your hands shake more than jelly).

MAC_Fluidlity FluidlinePen RetroBlackMAC Fluidlity Fluidline Pen in Retro Black

I had the chance to test the Retro Black and Incredibly Blue colours from the collection, both were quite subtle and wearable – with neither being over the top. Obviously the black is a something of a necessity and I ended up wearing it pretty much every day. It just glides across the lash line, but by pulling the edge around the side of your eye slightly makes it go on more smoothly.

MAC_Fluidlity FluidlinePen IndeliblyBlueMAC Fluidlity Fluidline Pen in Indelibly Blue

The Incredibly Blue was more of a navy-ish hue. It has a nice hint of colour that could easily be pumped up with some stronger eyeshadows or a slash of lip colour. The range also includes a brown and a sea green tone.

by Anna Coughlan

MAC fluidline pens retail at £18

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