The Bvlgari Spa launch dedicated transformative spa experience for your mind and body

WEST LONDON’S Bvlgari Spa invited Glass to indulge in their new transformative spa journeys dedicated to recovery, sleep and longevity.

The three expansions see state-of-the-art technology, such as the Hyperbaric Oxygen Capsule and a Zerobody Dry Float alongside an Ice Bath, all supplying mind and body revitalisation in the luxurious confines of the Bvlgari Hotel multilevel spa. 

Hyperbaric Oxygen Capsule

The Longevity Journey sees a Hyperbaric Oxygen Capsule, ideal for those looking for an all-encompassing restorative treatment. Through oxygen therapy within a compressed environment, the innovative development facilitates healing, relieves inflammation, supports anti-ageing and aids regulation of the metabolism.

As for the Sleep Journey, the session offers a Zerobody Dry Float bed, which provides an anti-gravity experience, presenting a 60-minute treatment for those who need to disconnect from reality and surrender to a meditative state. The service is ideal for those who struggle with anxiety, stress and depression and further enhances sleep quality.

Also beneficial for bodily performance, the Dry Float bed has been proven to aid blood circulation and oxygen distribution throughout the body — alongside its capacities to relieve physical pain. 

Concluding the new techno-advanced additions, the Recovery Journey sees Hot and Cold therapy, initially prompted by the demand for athlete wellbeing and bodily function.

The experiences see a back and forth between an ice plunge and a sauna beneficial for accelerating the recovery period following intense physical exercise.

The treatment further aids the functionality of the metabolism, improves endurance and boosts immunity while combating fatigue. 

Dry Float

Alongside the recently added treatments, the Bvlgari Spa is renowned for its luxury indoor swimming pool, known to be one of the longest in London.

The spa further offers a Studio space where one can enjoy various classes such as restorative yoga, Pilates and Barre, amongst other services such as sound healing. Additionally, the treatment centre offers training and fitness services focusing on health endurance and lifestyle improvement. 

Whether it be to remove yourself from everyday pressures or rejuvenate your body after a stressful week, the Bvlgari Spa, situated in the heart of Knightsbridge, will leave you feeling reborn and ready to take on whatever awaits.

by Nicole Pereira