It’s All About Seconds for Chanel’s new J12 advertising campaign

CHANEL’s latest J12 advertising campaign, It’s All About Seconds, is a spectacular celebration of time featuring a star-studded cast of actresses and House Ambassadors. The campaign unites the captivating talents of Penélope Cruz, Zhou Xun, Kim Go Eun, Margot Robbie, and Ali MacGraw, shining a light on their personal stories and cherished memories.

In a series of evocative one-on-one conversations, the campaign delves into the depths of these enigmatic actresses’ souls, as they answer 12 questions and recount 12 answers about the most decisive moments in their lives. As each actress unfolds her story, we are reminded of the fleeting yet profound impact of a single second, a testament to the essence of the J12 timepiece.

Adorning the wrists of these accomplished actresses is the J12 33 mm watch, a symbol of Chanel’s exquisite craftsmanship and timeless elegance. Available in black or white highly resistant ceramic, the timepiece is equipped with the Calibre 12.2 self-winding movement, meticulously crafted by the Swiss Kenissi Manufacture, and co-owned by Chanel.

The J12 watch, an icon of Chanel Horlogerie, continually reinvents itself in bold and timeless designs that encapsulate the allure of the legendary brand. As these actresses embody the essence of the J12 in this campaign, they remind us of the power of fleeting moments and the lasting impact they can have on our lives.

  by Zlata Kryudor