K-Pop star Wonho releases his first single album Obsession

WONHO, the South-Korean singer-songwriter and producer, has released his anticipated single album Obsession. The album follows his release of Blue Letter last September. The record consists of two tracks written and composed by Wonho. The singer says of his first album: “I’m grateful that I’m able to greet my fans with my first single album in the year 2022. It feels like we are starting a new year together.”

The first song, Eye on You talks about how stereotypes affect people’s image of one another, the singer explains: “Sometimes there are people who look at others with stereotypes, as if they were wearing coloured glasses. In the music video for Eye on you, you’ll see there are CCTVs that follow me, representing one’s gaze.”

Wonho Obsession

The b-side track, Somebody is a more emotional song, which talks about loneliness. Wonho says: “The feelings behind these lyrics are comparable to the image of a wolf being alone, and left in the dark.”

by Julie Heinisch

Obsession is available to stream now on Spotify and Apple Music.

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