Givenchy releases new statement bag – the Voyou

GIVENCHY has unveiled its essential statement addition, the Voyou bag. This hobo bag was showcased on the Givenchy runway at the Jardin des Plantes under the creative direction of Matthew M. Williams, who aims to bring a new vision of urban dressing to the brand.

The Voyou bag embodies a perfect fusion of French and American style, reflecting a modern global fashion perspective in the digital age. Inspired by a French slang term for “bad boy,” the bag’s design brings a unique touch to the Givenchy line by “blending the sophistication of a lady’s handbag with the casual, biker vibe”.

Givenchy Voyou bag

The V-shaped design of the Voyou is both ladylike and relaxed, giving it a slouchy, left-bank chic look. The bag is made from tumbled, subtly-grained calfskin leather with luxurious turned edges, making it both polished and practical.

The hobo style of the bag allows it to fold over effortlessly without the need for any fastening mechanism. The larger and medium-sized bags come with a zippered compartment for essentials, while the mini Voyou features a zip closure.

Givenchy SS23 Voyou Bag

Givenchy SS23 Voyou Bag

Featuring adjustable straps with discreet “Givenchy” lettering, Voyou is a highly versatile accessory that can be worn in different ways, such as long, short, in hand, or even across the body. The bag also features a unique etched buckle, sliders, and a slightly bevelled version of Givenchy’s signature D-ring, enhancing the bag’s overall look and adding a stylish, jewel-like appeal.

These details not only reinforce the brand’s recognizable “V” emblem but also highlight the glossy leather finish, giving any outfit a touch of Parisian coolness for both day and night.

Offering a fresh perspective on the traditional handbag, Givenchy Voyou is the perfect addition to any fashion-forward wardrobe.

by Zlata Kryudor

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