Glass discovers Coeur Battant, the new fragrance by Louis Vuitton

WHEN composing  Coeur Battant, Louis Vuitton’s master in-house perfumer, Jacques Belletrud, aimed to create a scent that seamlessly evokes vitality, a purity of life and sparks intensity. With Coeur Battant, it is safe to say hes delivered on all three. 

The Ingredients of Coeur Battant by Louis Vuitton

The smell of Coeur Battant, or “heartbeat” in French, definitely walks the fine balance between sensuality and freshness. With one spray, you’re instantly get notes of juicy ripe pair paired with Egyptian jasmine undertones, ambrette see and narcissus. And everything seems to work together in a srot of seamless unity. It’s not hard to see why Belletrud named the perfume Coeur Battat, as each ingredient replicates a sort of unified rythym of a heartbeat.

Whats more, the chypré base of pure patchouli and moss provide an all important foundational base for the other elements to reach their full olfactory potential. Together in one formula, they create Coeur Battant, a scent that arouses a natural, yet floral harmony unlike any other in the Maisons illustrious collection. 

Despite the distinct origins of the ingredients, the combination of all of them is crucial to ensure the fragrance instantly allows users a glimpse into the fields of wildflowers and leafy green woods that inspired Coeur Battant. Not one element becomes overpowering of the others and each perfectly symbolize the grandiosity of nature, the motif for which Belletrud sought to capture from the beginning of his project. 

Coeur Battant by Louis Vuitton

Although the new perfume will now join the ranks of the nine others in Louis Vuittons Art of Travel collection for women (Rose des Vents, Turbulences, Dans La Peau, Attrapes-Rêves, Apogée, Contre Moi, Matière Noire, Mille Feux and Le Jour Se Lève), this by no measure means it will simply fade into the background. Coeur Battant stands out because it represents life in all its intensity. With each raw ingredient, it creator calls on upon us to see value and beauty in the natural world. And its core, the perfume is a pure celebration of adventure. Who doesn’t love that?

by Maria Noyen

Coeur Battant by Louis Vuitton retails at £185 for 100ml and is available on the website