Louis Vuitton heralds discovery of the world’s second largest rough diamond

DIAMOND lovers, rejoice – the second-largest rough diamond has been unearthed. Famed fashion house Louis Vuitton, working with the Lucara Diamond Corporation and the HB Company of Antwerp, have transformed the Sewelô diamond, which was discovered in April 2019. Now, the diamond has been carefully recovered, as to showcase the ethereal beauty of the 1758 carat rock.

LOUIS VUITTON Sewelô DIAMONDThe Sewelô diamond, which measures roughly the size of a tennis ball

The diamond was discovered in Lucara’s Karowe mine in Botswana, where it measured a staggering 83mm x 62mm x 46mm. The Sewelô diamond, it has only been beaten in size by the Cullinan, which clocks in at 3106 carats. This diamond went on to be transformed into the diamonds that are now in the British Crown Jewels and royal collection.

LOUIS VUITTON Sewelô DIAMONDThe diamond has been characterised as “near gem quality”

The diamond, which is now being examined for composition, qualities and potential, is in safe hands under the stewardship of Louis Vuitton.

by Simone Williams

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