MFW SS15: Versace

Introducing monotone colouring, Versace opened the show with androgynous tailored suits.  The collection drew inspiration from the iconic emblem, which focused on the rectangular pattern to form the design. Large square and zig zag edges became the centre point, adding an asymmetric feel that was emphasised with multi-length skirts and singular sleeve dresses.

A futuristic take on SS, Versace’s sleek, cut-out leather outfits used circular designs which contrasted against the harsh rectangles. Featuring crop tops worn underneath semi-transparent jackets and sheer panels that gave an illusion of invisible fabric, the collection revealed a lot of skin. Developing to metallics, glitter fabric gave a hovering illusion as it hung loosely around the body in sections.

Clashing bold colours, Versace progressed to warmer tones with rectangular sashes sewn on in a lightning bolt effect. Forming necklines and skirts, the lines of fabrics had a multipurpose use of adding pops of colour. Whilst, two piece creations accompanied with conflicting patterns gave an exotic appeal to a tailored collection.

Hinting at a sports luxe theme; skirts combined with cut off tops and tennis dresses were introduced in the middle section. Hair was gelled back off the face and tucked behind the ears, leaving the minimal make up visible.  Keeping it simple, there was an absence of accessories apart from necklaces; chokers from gold to orange broke up the outfit and created yet another harsh line.

Versace’s SS show was combination of sophisticated suits juxtaposed against bold colour and pattern. The classic logo was broken up and redesigned, and was then spread out through the whole collection, leaving a true Versace imprint.








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