The Glass Guide to Christmas Spirits

CHRISTMAS is always a good time to crack open something a little special to share with friends and family. For many, Bailey’s, mulled wine and sherry are an annual tradition however, here at Glass we think that’s a little outdated. Why do we limit ourselves to these annual festive spirits that make a one-day appearance and end up back in the drinks cabinet? Often these Christmas drinks are sweet and on the sickly side, so we’ve composed a guide that allows you to broaden your horizons when it comes to Christmas drinking. Read on to see which alternative spirits you could be enjoying this Christmas without falling into the Christmas trap of mediocre spirits.

Keepr’s Salted Caramel & British Honey Vodka.

Keepr’s Salted Caramel & British Honey Vodka 

Best for: A special espresso martini

Price: £37.50/HKD382

ABV: 37.5%

Keepr’s is a premium British Vodka made with 100% British honey from Keepr’s own hives. Packed with flavours of salted caramel and toasted honey, this golden coloured vodka can be regarded as golden nectar this Christmas as it’s comforting moreish taste will have you rethinking vodka all together. Keepr’s is distilled in a copper pot in small batches and makes the perfect addition to Christmas for vodka lovers and newbies. If you’re looking to whisk up some cocktails then Keepr’s vodka is the perfect replacement in an espresso martini as it’s salted caramel finish adds warmth and festivity to the much-loved cocktail. 

Available to purchase here.

The Patrón Añejo bottle. 

Patrón Añejo 

Best for: Christmas shots

Price: £59.75/HKD607

ABV: 40%

Patrón have been masters of Tequila for years, and this special 12 month oak aged edition is a great treat if you’re looking to drink something familiar but slightly more premium. Patrón Añejo is made with 100% Weber Blue Agave, and blends uniquely aged tequilas in small white oak barrels before being individually numbered and crafted. It’s an extremely versatile spirit as you can drink it neat or in cocktails so why not ditch the Sherry and mix yourself up a tangy margarita? 

Available to buy here

The Mermaid gin bottle.

Mermaid Gin

Best for: An eco-friendly buy

Price: £40.00/HKD407

ABV: 42%

Waste is a big issue around Christmas time, with unnecessary single-use plastic and wrapping materials filling our bins however, you can enjoy Mermaid Gin guilt free as its eco-friendly bottle is made up of entirely recyclable materials, even down to the seal around the cork which is made up of plant based materials. Mermaid is a hand-crafted batch gin which uses 10 ethical botanicals which work together to give the gin a clean taste with light notes of citrus and sea air. A notable addition is the rock samphire which is taken from the Isle of Wight’s cliffs. 

Available to buy here.

Fettercairn 12 Year Old.

Fettercairn 12 Year Old Whisky

Best for: A special treat for Santa

Price: £49.99/HKD508

ABV: 40%

Fettercairn was one of the first licensed single malt distilleries in Scotland and has continued to make exceptional whisky ever since. Launched in 2018, this 12 year old is distilled in the foothills of the Cairngorms, in the Eastern highlands of Scotland. A bespoke copper cooling ring is used in the process to intensify the purity of the whisky, which leaves us with delicate floral notes that set Fettercairn aside from other similar Scotch varieties. This is the perfect whisky for occasions as its unique flavours due to the unique production process not only offer a great backstory but deliver as a wonderful Christmas sipper. 

Available to buy here and at The Whisky Shop, The Whisky Exchange & other leading specialist whisky stores.

Mac. by Brookie’s bottle.

Mac. by Brookie’s 

Best for: Mac-eroni (Macadamia negroni)

Price: £35.95/HKD366 

ABV: 23%

Mac. by Brookie’s is a new premium roasted macadamia nut liqueur that might just be the missing ingredient in everyone’s drinks cabinet. The liqueur is made from roasted macadamia nuts and toasted Australian wattleseed. At 23% ABV, Mac. by Brookie’s is a jack of all trades as it makes a great addition to many drinks or even served alongside dessert! Nostalgic flavours of butterscotch, cacao, coffee and nuts make it a true Christmas treat, and Mac can be used to spruce up familiar favorites such as the old fashioned. It can even be mixed through desserts to give them a boozy twist, or even used in a Negroni instead of vermouth for a sweeter, nuttier version that they’ve coined as the Mac-eroni. 

Available to buy here.

Ramsbury Gin.

Ramsbury Single Estate Gin 

Best for: A hot gin toddy

Price: £35.00/HKD356

ABV: 40%

This award winning Wiltshire gin boasts floral tones with a classic juniper finish. Ramsbury is distilled traditional in copper and offers a slightly sweeter finish to what you might expect from a regular London Dry Gin. Ingredients include Horatio wheat which is grown on the Ramsbury estate grounds along with fresh quince, cinnamon, liquorice, oris root, coriander, dried lemon peel, dried orange peel and angelica. 

Ramsbury’s great taste has won awards at the Gin masters 2018 and the IWSC 2018 and works well in a classic gin and tonic or even in a gin hot toddy for a winter warmer.  

Available to buy here.

Graham’s Blend No.5 White Port.

Graham’s Blend No.5  White Port 

Best for: A white Christmas

Price: £24.99/HKD254 

ABV: 19%

Who doesn’t love a glass of port at Christmas? When you picture port, you imagine a small glass of liquid that you sip slowly through the night however Graham’s Blend No.5 is here to revolutionise port drinking forever with its introduction to the port and tonic or the P&T. Graham’s White Port is a premium spirit that has the stamp of approval from HM the Queen herself. The bottle is designed in a bright floral print alongside citrus fruits. The port itself boasts flavours of orange blossom and citrus fruits which understandably makes it the perfect candidate to be mixed with tonic. 

Available to buy here or with online retailers including Master of Malt and

Method And Madness Irish Micro Distilled Gin.

Method & Madness Gin

Best for: A zesty G&T

Price: £38/HKD 

ABV: 43%

The gorse flower plays a big role in Method & Madness gin as it’s the welcoming smell on the nose and it comes from Ireland, where the gin is made. Method & Madness gets it name from the outcome of a distilling experiment where masters and apprentices created the perfect combination of 16 botanicals in Midleton Distillery. Black Lemon and Irish Gorse flower are the two stand out aromas on the nose and it finishes with a spicy citrus celebration that tells the tale of well blended botanicals. With citrus at the forefront of the palate, Method & Madness is the perfect choice for a zesty gin and tonic serves on ice with a lemon or orange peel garnish. 

Available to buy here.

Loch Lomond 12 Year Old bottle and case.

Loch Lomond 12 Year Old 

Best for: A night cap

Price: £36.95/HKD377 

ABV: 46%

Loch Lomond is matured in bourbon, refill and re-charred casks which gives the single malt a brilliant balance of peat and smoke along with an overall fruity character.  On the nose there’s notes of green apple, pear and lemon, while the taste delivers vanilla and biscuit. Master distiller, Micheal Henry has brought together this perfectly balanced single malt that has gone on to win a double gold at the world spirits competition twice. Loch Lomond is the perfect Christmas nightcap for whisky lovers. 

Available to buy here.

Quick Brown Fox Coffee Liqueur bottle.

 Quick Brown Fox Coffee Liqueur

Best for: Coffee enthusiasts. 

Price: £25.00/HKD240

ABV: 20%

Coffee liqueur is available almost everywhere but many of them use artificial flavours and copious amounts of sugar. Quick Brown Fox stands out from the rest when it comes to coffee liqueur as it offers a premium product that has no artificial flavours. Quick Brown Fox are connoisseurs and when it comes to coffee you can’t compromise on taste. Drink Quick Brown Fox on the rocks or put in in any drink you feel needs an extra boost! The taste can only be described as “dunking a spiced cinnamon roll with a sweet caramel chocolate syrup centre in a dark roast French press coffee.”  It’s rich flavour makes the perfect addition to espresso martini. 

Available to buy here. 

by Katrina Mirpuri