Acqua di Parma – Blu Mediterraneo Cedro Di Taormina

ACQUA di Parma quite rightly has the air of the ocean within its blue bottle. Among a sea (pun intended) of overpoweringly musty, leathery colognes, so focused on sophistication that they border on eye-watering, Blu Mediterraneo is refreshing and light yet easily recognisable. Inspired by coastal towns such as Taormina, Blu Mediterraneo goes above the expectations of a sea-inspired cologne to indulge in the complexities of the land/sea relationship.

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The tang of sicilian lemon mingled with top notes of black pepper provides a rush of crisp freshness to the wearer. But this cologne is complex, with basenotes of cedar wood and vetiver. The fragrance is somewhat similar in ingredients to Tom Ford’s incredible Grey Vetiver EDT, but provides a less musky and decidedly more daytime appropriate mood. Perfectly calm amid the hustle and bustle of modern life, whether at the beach or the heart of the city.

by Thomas Marrington

Acqua di Parma Blu Mediterraneo EDT is exclusively available at £61 (75ml) at John Lewis

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