Aromatherapy Associates and Liberty launch Clear Mind Oil

There was a time when the humble essential oil was tossed to the back of bathroom cabinets, strewn aside with other hippy-tainted holistic remedies. Today, however, these potent natural oils are enjoying a remarkable resurgence, offering a respite from our hyper-saturated daily routines.

If there’s one brand responsible for the rise, it’s Aromatherapy Associates, and their latest launch is one sure to attract a whole new legion of converts. The Clear Mind Bath and Shower Oil – produced in collaboration with Liberty – is a beautiful blend of pure essential oils, concocted to help evaporate the stresses of a frantic day. Chamomile works to soothe emotions, while frankincense helps to focus the mind. Palmarosa cleanses and balances, while bergamot refreshes and revives. Just a capfull in a warm bath – or a deep inhalation under a steamy shower – is all it takes.

The beautiful packaging is Liberty’s doing. The dusty lavender box is printed with delicate blue florals – actually a print sourced from the design house’s extensive archives, titled Genevieve.



by Roberta Lister

Clear Mind Bath and Shower Oil is available exclusively at Liberty, priced £48.

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