Burberry welcomes the 2023 festive season with its Holiday campaign

ESTEEMED English brand Burberry has recently unveiled its new Burberry Holiday campaign which portrays a sense of cosiness and celebration in preparation for the festive season ahead.

The campaign imagery will have you charmed as each snapshot bursts with character. Displayed are dogs with an abundance of personality and poised-looking ducks and ducklings positioning themselves amongst some of Burberry’s winter-ready, garments and accessories — such as the Rocking Horse bag and Suede and Shearling Highland Mules.

As for the accompanying props, vibrant deep-coloured flowers resembling peonies and roses serve as support for the Shield Sling bag in rich red and tartan-like fabric while a stack of toast decorates a table featuring a collection of Burberry’s famed scarves adorned with their distinguished motif and demonstrated in a variety of colourways.

The Shearling Step Rose Sandal sits amongst polished fruit decor, and the Knight bag in a deep blue is placed alongside a gauntlet-like ornament. Ducklings prop themselves up on Burberry’s EDK Wool Cushions while the Swan Print Silk scarf is clipped to a lampshade.

With photography by Roe Ethridge and creative direction by Carina Frey and Stefanie Barth, the Burberry Holiday campaign emanates warmness, luxury and sophistication as it showcases some of the finest offerings to gift your loved ones over the upcoming festive season.

by Nicole Pereira