Dior partners with Olympic Games athletes ahead of Paris 2024

DIOR announce its new partnerships ahead of the Olympic Games 2024, commencing in Paris at the end of this month. 

Aurelien Giraud by Kenny Germe

Louise-Aina Taboulet by Marili Andre

Paying homage to the elegance in movement and the notion of resilience alongside the limitations of audacity and dreams, Dior merges the worlds of fashion and sport in celebration of the international multi-sport event. 

Building on these themes, Dior has formed ties with multi-medalist international athletes such as long jump specialist Erwan Konaté, Paralympic swimmer Alex Portal, tennis player Casper Ruud, rower Matteo Sartori and climber Matteo Zurloni.

Further, the brand has strengthened relationships with Olympic athletes who already have established relationships with the brand as Dior Ambassadors, fencers Cheung Ka-Long and Sara Balzer, skateboarders Louise-Aina Taboulet and Aurélien Giraud, boxer Estelle Mossely, surfer Kauli Vaast, and 110-meter hurdles champion Sasha Zhoya. 

Estelle Mossely by Marili Andre

Edward Cheung Ka Long by Kenny Germe

Dior’s association with the 2024 Olympic Games further projects the values of respect, audaciousness, devotion, discipline and creativity that sit at the crux of the French Maison.  

by Nicole Pereira