Glass’ picks on Glastonbury 2023’s most stylish performers

UNLESS you’ve been living under a rock this past week, Glastonbury 2023 took to the fields, dosing us with live music satisfaction and a lot of sunburnt shoulders. Join us in counting down the festival’s most fashionable stage embracers.

15. Shygirl

South East London’s answer to all your electronic nightclub cravings comes in at number 15 as Blane Muise, aka Shygirl, sports an on-trend, baby pink crocheted dress. The garment is complete with layered bows around the collar and neckline, which boasts 2023’s heavy accessory trend, as we also spot a pair of matching gloves up the female rapper’s arms. Fulfilling the dance beat demands of the tremendous crowd she pulled, she definitely doesn’t disappoint with fan-favourite hits like ‘BAWDY’ and ‘FREAK’ alongside this fine fit.


Instagram: @0800shygirl

14. Nova Twins

The UK’s rising rock duo, Nova Twins, fills our 14th spot with their matching purple chrome co-ords which bluster white detailing upon the seams. Giving a new meaning to ultraviolet, the pair cause chaos amongst the crowd with their roaring setlist and electric guitar riffs, all complete with these dazzling two pieces. Although they may appear similar, accessories like white stockings, gaping fishnet tights and lace chokers set them both apart. Effectively playing an ode to a 70s glam rock era.

Instagram: @novatwinsmusic

13. The Hives

Next up is the early 90s Swedish rock band, The Hives, and like always we see a complete set of matching suits, but this time with a contemporary white lightning bolt print. Bringing a new life to the fascinating mod scene of previous bands like The Clash, this garage-rock five-piece seamlessly blends subcultures like the Teddy Boys and Beatniks to define this unique stage presence. Put it this way, they’re easy to spot from the back of a crowd.

Instagram: @thehives

12. Caroline Polachek

The previous Wide Awake 2023 headliner returns this year to the Woodsies Stage with a desirable rope-like mini skirt and oil-spill tank top that appears as though it’s stepped straight out of the 2000s. After recently breaking the internet for her feature on the Wikipedia midriff definition, the New York singer doesn’t hide from her newfound label here as she continues with her classic silhouette for this performance.

Instagram: @carolineplz

11. Arctic Monkeys

Similar to that of The Hives, these Sheffield headliners come composed and polished for their groundbreaking ruckus. Complete with shades and exposed collars, frontman Alex Turner carries a sought-after rebellious spirit that makes Arctic Monkeys who they are. Although it can be annoying when he doesn’t sing in time to some of their most recognisable songs like ‘Crying Lightning’ and ‘Cornerstone’, we can’t deny this man his evident fashion sense and ability to put on a good show.

Instagram: @arcticmonkeys

10. Lizzo

Another headliner to applaud here as Lizzo explodes onto the stage wearing a black latex pantsuit with pink lace-up detailing. As expected, one outfit isn’t enough for this world-class singer as later on in the set we see her step out in a goddess-like dress featuring gold leaf patterns. A complete contrast to the dominatrix nature of the first garment. Is there really anything this ‘Juice’ singer can’t do?

Instagram: @lizzobeeating

9. The Last Dinner Party

Rising female power band, The Last Dinner Party, flaunt the stage in a Romantic era-styled costume that perfectly chimes along to their realistic love songs. Gone are the days of the facade and lust for men as these girls shower the crowd with a divine empathy that goes wholly with the twirls of their innocent, white floor-length dresses. The vintage appearance of these pure gowns contradicts the story behind their newly released tune ‘Nothing Matters’. I would definitely listen to these if you haven’t already.

Instagram: @thelastdinnerparty

8. Blossoms

I’m certain that this one doesn’t come as a surprise, especially after the humble surprise of their guest performer, Rick Astley, but it goes without saying that Stockport’s Blossoms are still up there with some of the fashion greats. Although each member of the band carries a distinctly unique style, they are all still versions of the same folk-inspired subculture and match smoothly to their happy-go-lucky tunes. Evolving from the lad core days of ‘Charlemagne’, these guys have matured into a contemporary version of The Doors.

Instagram: @blossomsband

7. Elton John

With an emotional final UK performance that drew one of the biggest crowds any festival has ever seen, we must congratulate this pop legend on not only his fantastic library of songs but his impeccable fashion sense too. Appearing in a shimmering gold suit, matching the stars shining persona, it was an inspiring way to reach the end of his performing road. Yet to disappoint sounds like a great way to go for The Rocket Man.

Instagram: @eltonjohn

6. Candi Staton

At number six, Disco returns to the field with the chart-topping Candi Staton. Performing favourites like ‘Young Hearts Run Free’ and ‘You Got the Love’, the American singer-songwriter doesn’t let down in the wardrobe department. With a pair of gold-rimmed sunglasses and a rhinestoned black blazer, the 83-year-old seethes nothing but chic and glamour. Like our very own disco ball.

Instagram: @candistaton

5. Rina Sawayama

As we reach the top five, the Japanese and British singer Rina Sawayama takes the crowd in awe as she graces the stage with a Lara Croft-style get-up, complete with fingerless gloves and armbands. The leather-appearing dress evokes strength and power as she performs on the red-lit stage, enhancing the fight-or-flight response of her songs. However, as the festival comes to a close, Sir Elton John brings out Sawayama as a guest performer for his set and we see her in a shining, sheer, silver maxi-dress with a matching black set underneath.

Instagram: @rinasonline

4. Måneskin

The Italian Eurovision 2021 winners, Måneskin, excel in their fashion-strung history as yet another performance is complete with their impressive take on a punk/glam-rock collaboration. Continuing their trend of black and leather, the quartet adds a burst of electric blue to their garments which is enhanced by the saturated guitar colours. With a mix of lingerie-style slip dresses, velvet blazers and flares, the group are undeniably up there when it comes to stage style and never seem to miss a beat.

Instagram: @måneskinofficial

3. Lil Nas X

Relieving our third-place reign is Montero Lamar Hill, aka Lil Nas X, as he takes to the stage in a gold chest plate and pair of white, fur-enhanced trousers. Delivering to the crowd just exactly what’s involved in a queer-pop dream, the American singer lights up the whole field with his spirited energy. Further on in the set we see a new outfit, featuring a spiked choker, knee pads with more fur and a chunky belt with a huge bulls head on it over the crotch area. All of this appears in an electric, chrome blue to match his backup dancers. Did we really expect much less?

Instagram: @lilnasx

2. Christine and the Queens

Just missing out on our top spot is the French sensation Christine and the Queens, with their expertly crafted show for the recent release of ‘Paranoia, Angels, True Love’, the new studio album. With this daring and bold set display, a perfected range of garments follow, beginning with a tailored pantsuit with a matching waistcoat, before transforming into a weighted skirt. Once the skirt is on, all top pieces are removed to express his bare chest, an honourable movement in queer identity and self expression. Truly, this performance embodies so much more than just a set at a music festival.

Instagram: @christineandthequeens

1. Lana Del Rey

Finally, claiming our winning position is the fascinating American artist, Lana Del Rey. Although the singer arrived half an hour late, she definitely made up for it with her onstage wardrobe changes and the stunning rendition of ‘Bartender’ as her hair was changed in front of our eyes. The whole stage was set up to appear like a baroque-styled bedroom, featuring large mirrors and a cream, vintage dressing table, which matched effortlessly to her corsetted mini dress. Continuing her 60s style and a sensual evanescence, the ‘Born to Die’ singer made us want to be her up there and will 100% a lot of outfit choices this summer.

by Alicia Tomkinson