Jumeirah Carlton Tower welcomes summer with a new regal afternoon tea

FOR THOSE seeking an afternoon tea steeped in opulence and glamour, Jumeirah Carlton Tower’s new dining experience inspired by Highgrove House & Gardens is an excellent option. Having launched its latest offering on the 14th of June, Jumeirah Carlton Tower is bringing sustainable, luxury gastronomy to fine dining this summer.

Further elevating its award-winning “A Tribute to Nature” afternoon tea, the latest experience taps into classic British tradition in an exploration of flavour and sophistication. Imbued with history, the Highgrove House & Gardens are particularly connected to the Royals.

King Charles III has spent much time caring for and tending to the space, with each of the gardens exploring his interests and enthusiasms.

Jumeirah Carlton Tower Afternoon Tea

As guests go through the afternoon tea’s seven courses, staff attentively explain the contextual links behind each dish. From asparagus and apple tarts paying homage to the garden’s impressive orchards to coronation chicken sandwiches, the experience is full of quintessential British favourites.

Upon entering The ChinoiserieJumeirah Carlton Tower’s intimate dining setting  – the hotel’s unparalleled attention to detail becomes immediately evident. We notice that the crockery has been adorned with a delicate floral print, whereas relaxed classical music adds a gentle ambience to the air.

Jumeirah Carlton Tower Afternoon Tea

As we choose our teas from the hotel’s expansive selection, our waiter presents us with an ensemble of four finger sandwiches: cucumber & cream cheese, smoked salmon with crème fraiche, coronation chicken and egg & chives, each brimming with flavour and carefully embellished with edible flowers reminiscent of the prestigious Highgrove Gardens.

Jumeirah Carlton Tower Afternoon Tea

The botanical references continue throughout the meal as we try the hotel’s amuse-bouche – a rhubarb and rose sorbet featuring dehydrated rose petals. Whilst enjoying an afternoon tea, it’s common for one’s palate to become overwhelmed with such rich flavours.

However, Jumeirah Carlton Tower knows better. The hotel has expertly avoided this issue with the introduction of this palate cleanser, meaning guests can enjoy the following courses to their fullest capacity.

The hotel’s scones are arguably its chefs-d’œuvre. Intertwining tradition with subversive flavour combinations, the hotel presents each guest with four different scone options – plain scones with clotted cream, sultana scones with homemade strawberry jam, hazelnut scones with chocolate lemon cream and honey scones with fresh thyme and sour cream. The latter of the options perhaps sounds intimidating at first, however, the flavours melt together in the mouth, producing a harmonious outcome.

After scones, guests can enjoy a selection of pastries including a rosemary lavender strawberry tart decorated with delicate recycled discarded strawberry waste details, a flower raspberry mint pavlova and a jasmine black forest sponge. Highlighting the hotel’s focus on the environment, the desserts are an excellent example of how to incorporate sustainable measures into one’s craft.

Finally, after enjoying such tasty sweet treats, visitors are invited to choose a slice of chocolate biscuit cake, fruit cake with an apricot glaze or Victoria sponge cake. As an additional surprise, each cake alludes to a specific Royal family member. The Victoria sponge cake is favoured by Queen Camilla, the fruit cake is King Charles III’s favourite and the chocolate biscuit cake was served at the wedding of the Prince and Princess of Wales.

At this point, we were worried we would not have enough space to enjoy the cake. Yet the hotel paces the afternoon tea to ensure that visitors can enjoy every moment of their visit up until the final bite.

Combining history, heritage and know-how with delicious cuisine, Jumeirah Carlton Tower’s new afternoon tea is a great way to sample fresh seasonal produce and British tradition this summer.

by Sophie Richardson

Jumeirah Carlton Tower’s new afternoon tea is available from 14 June and is priced at £75 per person.

For more information and booking, please visit: https://www.jumeirah.com/carltontower