Chanel pioneers eco-conscious beauty with the launch of their N°1 de Chanel line

THE YEAR 2021 marked a whole century of women spritzing Chanel No. 5. However, as we celebrated the turn of a new year, the brand has stripped back all with the launch of their sustainable and fuss-free No.1 de Chanel beauty line.

No.1 de Chanel


Their biggest launch of the year, it is a collection of nine products including skincare, makeup and a new signature fragrance mist. Chanel offers an ‘effortless’ beauty routine with No.1. Whilst only containing two makeup products – a lightweight foundation and a lip-to-cheek balm – it rides the wave of ‘no-makeup makeup’ we now all strive for.

Boasting 20 different shades of the semi-sheer foundation and six different balms, the wearer can rely on achieving a healthy glow whilst also reaping the benefits of the antioxidants infused in the products.

For years the Chanel laboratory has been working on their six-step skincare regime, all to find the ingredient we should all be haloing in our beauty routines; the camellia. A powder-to-foam cleanser, serum, face cream, eye cream, lotion and a facial mist – all aim to revitalise our skin without overloading it with unnecessary products.

No.1 de Chanel

Chanel has also entered the realms of sustainable beauty, proving to everyone that to be green doesn’t mean you can’t still be chic. Each red bottle has a reduced weight of 30 per cent in order to lower shipping costs, and in turn, carbon footprints.

They are then paired with lids made of recycled materials and all product paper leaflets have been removed.  Not only this, but No.1 de Chanel is the first refillable line the brand has launched, as well containing ingredients of up to 99% natural origins.

No.1 de Chanel

Lastly is their fresh new fragrance – No. 1 de Chanel L’Eau Rouge. A light floral scent enriched with, of course, camellia water and extract; the ideal finishing touch to an eco-conscious and easy approach to luxury beauty. 

By Pia Brynteson

All products are now available for purchase at Chanel.

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