Chanel’s Le Vernis collection arrives with 17 new colours

CHANEL Makeup Creation Studio has redesigned its famous Le Vernis range in a bright celebration of spring. The Le Vernis 2023 Collection, which includes 17 new nail polish colours, provides a compelling pallet of 24 tones, balancing the new with the old by retaining 7 iconic colours.

Recognising colour as a stylistic dialect, Chanel has carefully produced a variety of products to provide a chromatic language that allows all people to express themselves. The spectrum spans from vibrant to mysterious, ensuring a hue to resonate with every creative spirit.


The collection is a symphony of five colour families, each given a unique character by Chanel. Colours That Energize infuse a some radiance with tones like fire red and vibrant fuchsia pink. Colours that Soothe offers a tranquil retreat with soft neutrals like light pink and latte beige. Colours That Bring Joy introduce a playful optimism with fresh hues such as cloud blue and zesty yellow. 

On the other hand, Colours That Distrupt offer subtly muted tones, like pink-infused terracotta and androgynous grey. Lastly, Colours That Provide Strength empowers with three assertive shades of red, designed to make a bold statement.

by Zlata Kryudor 

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