Experience the ultimate luxury of Dior Beauty aboard The Royal Scotsman

DIOR is bringing its luxury spa experience aboard the iconic Royal Scotsman. The new spa offerings will focus on personalized and holistic wellness treatments centred around Christian Dior’s principles.

The new Dior spa will offer passengers an indulgent experience in a serene and relaxing environment on the Royal Scotsman train. The spa will be accessible to all train guests, offering various treatments, from facials and massages to full-body treatments that promise to rejuvenate both body and soul.

Guests can choose from various Dior-branded serums, oils, and scrubs, ensuring a personalised and indulgent experience. The train is known for its scenic routes, which wind through some of Scotland’s most beautiful landscapes, making this new spa addition an exciting and luxurious enhancement to an already unique travel experience.

The exclusive spa is worthy of a luxury hotel on wheels and is accessible to all train guests on every journey. Dior is adding a touch of magic to two lacquered wooden cabins on the iconic Royal Scotsman, decorated for the occasion in the famous burgundy toile de Jouy.

The Dior spa aboard The Royal Scotsman is an incomparable adventure, combining savoir-faire and lifestyle in the ultimate travel and beauty dream and available until the end of October.

by Adina Ilie

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