Chivas Regal’s The Icon available worldwide

This month sees the worldwide launch of Chivas Regal’s The Icon. This new blend has been established by the Pernod Ricard-owned label as the pinnacle of its range of whiskies. The Icon is available at Dubai Duty Free since May and will now be rolled out around the world in over 150 countries, priced at around $3,500.

Chivas Regal The Icon (12)Chivas Regal The Icon

Hinging upon a number single malts from Chivas’ Scotland-based Strathisla, Longmorn and Glen Keith distilleries, the blend will be a testament to the true nature of limited edition brews. Each year master blender Colin Scott is set to produce a limited number of bottles, presented in hand-blown decanters etched with the Chivas Regal crest, for dedicated whisky aficionados and new consumers alike.

Dartington Crystal (7)

The Dartington Crystal made decanter

Tapping into its roots as the worlds first luxury whisky, the design of the decanter features a misty green colouring on the glass, giving a nod to the original Chivas Regal bottle that dates back to 1909 Scotch. Inside, the distilled liquid of 40% abv and a mix of 20 of Chivas’ oldest and rarest whiskies in their inventory, features rich notes of honey, vanilla and dark chocolate balanced by subtle hazelnut influences from the cask.

Glass was at the Dubai launch earlier this year for the launch of this new Chivas master blend that the brand hopes will be an icon.


Glass spoke to master blender Colin Scott to about the range and the launch of The Icon.

Why is it so important for a whisky to be aged to make it so sought-after?
When we started blending whisky there was no definition for age, so there was no real rules about aging. Whisky was being transported from Scotland so by the time these vast quantities reached their destinations aging had taken place. Thus, aging was a process by default.

Then, at the turn of the last century, in around 1916, it became law that we had to age our whisky for a minimum of three years. In any liquor store or bar around the world, the whisky you are drinking has been aged for at least this duration of time. However, a number of fine whiskies are aged for ten to thirty years and age statements are very strong statements so you have to adhere to that figure, you can’t put one drop less than what is stated.

As for The Icon, the whiskies that it is made up of are all over 25 years old so it’s relatively impossible to give it an age. This is what makes it so completely timeless. We were able to select the exact whiskies we wanted to create such a specific, and bespoke if you will, taste experience.

Chivas Regal master blender Colin Scott

As for the aging process itself, what does the distilled alcohol draw from being perfected for such lengths of time?
The unique nuances of aging are so inherently natural. Whether that be the spirit reacting with the oak of the barrel, these various complexes and facets are added to the character of the whisky. As time goes on, these chemical reactions are constantly happening but may slow down or speed up and are a really effective catalyst for taste.

We also consider that our Chivas Regal blends “breathe” in the Scottish air, although the oak casks are not porous, the aroma that they capture in the distillery alone is quite magnificent. These flavours can only intensify over a number over years. Younger blends indeed tend to be more fresh and zingy, whereas an older whisky tends to be have a little bit more to chew on, so to speak. This is what makes whisky such a relaxing spirit.

Strathisla Distillery (2)

Chivas Regal’s Strathisla distillery

You’ve described a well-built luxury whisky as being synonymous with “easy drinking”, what does this mean?
When it comes to The Icon, which sits atop the Chivas family, it really is all about this ease of drinking too. It’s something totally different, very new and incredibly special, therefore when you have such a strong spirit, it shouldn’t be aggressive but rather approach your senses in the same manner as velvet.

Easy drinking is taking a mouthful and being met by all these different flavours dancing around, this is not a flavour-trail that runs in a straight line, here you have an orchestra of florals, fruit and smooth warm woody notes. As you swallow it you almost relax with it and then return for another sip without even thinking, that’s easy drinking.

by Liam Feltham

Chivas Regal The Icon is bottled at 40% abv and carries an RRP of US$3,500 (£2,267) per 700ml bottle.

Images courtesy of Chivas Regal.


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