Christopher Kane debuts the third issue of the digital zine Platform

CHRISTOPHER Kane has debuted the third issue of the empowering digital zine, Platform, which amplifies the voices of young Black creatives and ethnic minorities within the fashion industry.

Christopher Kane PlatformResilience, Platform Issue Three

Created last year in partnership with arts students at the world-renowned Central Saint Martins college, of which Kane is an alumnus, this latest issue, titled Resilience, has opened up the online project to UK students on a national level in partnership with Fashion Academics Creating Equality (Face).

Chyna Williams, Christopher Kane PlatformChyna Williams

Connie Osaremae, Christopher Kane PlatformConnie Osaremae

Francesca Lake, Christopher Kane PlatformFrancesca Lake

Joy Julius, Christopher Kane PlatformJoy Julius

Beautifully designed in close collaboration with Face’s co-founder, Pascal Matthias, the uplifting issue has received contributions from 15 talented, young creatives with the hopes of forming a supportive, collaborative community and addressing the elitist barriers and entrenched hierarchies of the fashion sphere.

Kiara Morris, Christopher Kane Platform

Kiara Morris

Katie Cheng, Christopher Kane PlatformKatie Cheng

Leonie Edmead, Christopher Kane PlatformLeonie Edmead

Matthew Solomon, Christopher Kane PlatformMatthew Solomon

Natalie Vest-Jones, Christopher Kane PlatformNatalie Vest-Jones

Valerie Obigwilo, Christopher Kane PlatformValerie Obigwilo

Launched on July 29, the latest issue of Christopher Kane’s Platform is available to read and enjoy exclusively on the Christopher Kane Instagram.

by Joshua Hendren

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