De Beers Infinity engagement ring collection unveiled




De Beers reveal the Infinity collection of engagement rings and bands. A combination of white diamonds, set in platinum from 0.7 carats.

INFINITY BAND HALF PLAIN-PAVE (YG) C03727_0005.tifDe Beers Infinity band. White diamonds, set in gold

1_P1FU10B10P52_Infinity DER FYF1_V3_CMYK.tifThe De Beers Infinity band

The Infinity collection of engagement rings is designed to stack and be worn together with the Infinity bands, for an ultimate combination of radiance embodying the De Beers’ signature Fire, Life and Brilliance.


 De Beers Infinity ring stacked with the De Beers Infinity Band


by Kim Ing

Available at Elements Kowloon, Landmark Central and Times Square Causeway Bay. Hong Kong

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