De Beers launches 2020 campaign to celebrate International Women’s Day

ENTITLED Nature’s Wonders, As Individual as You, De Beers Jewellers has announced the launch of its new 2020 campaign, paying homage to International Women’s Day. The campaign centres on three inspirational women.

Connie Vallese wearing De Beers jewellery for 2020 campaign

Aweng Chuol wearing De Beers jewellery for 2020 campaign

Each of the women highlight a different aspect of De Beers jewellery. Based in New York, Argentinian artist Connie Vallese is influenced by urban landscapes, architecture and modern art, with an avid interest in production by sustainable means. Law student and model Aweng Chuol is an advocate for refugees’ rights, inspired by her phenomenal journey from a South Sudan refugee camp to London. Finally, Greta Bellamacina is a British poet, actress and filmaker, veteran on motherhood, female identity and love, and the primary inspiration behind De Beer’s Bridal campaign.

Greta Bellamacina wearing De Beers jewellery for Bridal 2020 campaign

Having previously launched its Moments in Light campaign back in 2014, which featured an ample array of inspirational individuals from various different industries, De Beers have long advocated and supported women’s rights while challenging gender stereotypes.

by Cara Jenkins