Diamonds are forever – Harry Winston’s new Diamond Loop collection

Being accosted by the stun of diamonds so early in the morning is the perfect wake-up call. Glass was delighted when diamonds for breakfast was on the agenda earlier this week at the introductory launch of Harry Winston’s new diamond loop collection.
Diamond Loop Collection - Pendant Diamond Loop Collection - Bracelet

There is always so much to learn from jewellery, and Winston’s intricate wisdom cut gems this season are without a single flaw. For their newest collection the fabled jewellery house, which primarily became renowned for using exceptionally large stones, has drawn on Winston’s own love of the trickling tear-drop shape. Underscoring a cogent allowance for pendulous finely tuned pear-like forms, rigid construction is out, and geometric balance is in.

Diamond Loop Collection - Earrings Diamond Loop Collection - Drop Earrings

This allows for a natural union with almost whatever form of garment that each item is paired with, through day and night, an important consideration for 2014. Though, make no mistake, this is a timeless consideration also, Winston’s have made sure of that with the sophisticated modern reimagining of a house icon. The resplendent contours of the tear-drop silhouette, with its demure come-hither dramatique, will do justice to Harry Winton’s moniker as the “kind of diamonds” very well for the time being.



Diamond Loop Collection - Pendants

The diamond loop collection will be available at Harry Winston’s salons worldwide.

by Liam Feltham

Images courtesy of Harry Winston

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