Dior gets festive with 2023 Christmas campaign

AFTER having previously been inspired by butterflies for its Cruise 2024 collection, Dior has just revealed its new festive campaign.

As the ultimate Christmas gift to all Dior cognoscenti, the heritage house’s new campaign features four exclusive pieces to spread good tidings and joy.

Dior Christmas 2023, photograph: Agnès Lloyd Platt

Dior Christmas 2023, photograph: Agnès Lloyd Platt

Consisting of a reimagined Lady Dior, a Dior Book Tote, a Lady D-Lite and a Panier Chapeau, the pieces celebrate the idea of metamorphosis and transformation.

In response to the success of the Métamorphose belt and Métamorphose sautoir necklace – inspired by Frida Kahlo – the new pieces exhibit the CR24 butterfly symbol in all its glory.

Presented in a sparkling new fashion film, the pieces act as an ode to Monsieur Dior’s passion for the divinatory arts. The butterflies coalesce and form a scintillating mirage of elegance and refinement. Additionally, the delicate creatures allude to the infamous couturier’s interest in zodiac signs.

Alongside Maria Grazia Chiuri’s selection of chef d’œuvres, Dior has featured an array of objects from its notorious Dior Maison collection. Adorned with Pietro Ruffo‘s Butterfly Around the World motif, a selection of crockery, table lines, candles and notebooks highlight Dior’s timeless, sophisticated allure. Meanwhile, the toile de Jouy print makes an appearance for the Christmas season and acts as a harmonious counterpoint to the butterfly-embellished pieces.

Dior Christmas 2023, photograph: Agnès Lloyd Platt

Acting as a perfect denouement to the year, the campaign celebrates the art of giving, community and craftsmanship, whilst also ushering in the New Year in a delightfully Dior-way.

by Sophie Richardson