Dior presents The Book Dior by Raf Simons

DIOR unveils a new chapter – quite literally. The Book Dior by Raf Simons is the sixth in a series from publisher Assouline, giving an intimate glance into Simons’ mind, encapsulating a testament to the brand’s legacy and an ode to Simons’ avant-garde vision.

As the story unfolds, it becomes clear that Simons and founder Christian Dior had a lot in common. The photos and writing therein echo the aesthetic similarities between the two artists, who have been strongly affected by architecture, art, and gardens.

Famed photographer Laziz Hamani breathes life into the pages with striking dress portraits, capturing the intricate details, the delicate whisper of materials, and the heavenly genius inherent in Simons’ creations. These stunning visuals, along with the insightful commentary written by fashion journalist Tim Blanks, tie together the story of Simons’ revolutionary time at Dior.

This collector’s piece promises to invite readers to rediscover the opulent heritage of the French fashion House during his trailblazing tenure.

by Zlata Kryudor