Glass checks out Biocol Labs all-natural product range

BIOCOL Labs is an independent, family-owned and operated pharmacy founded in 1977. Their goal is to create mineral and plant-based health essentials that will make the chemical pharma industry redundant.

They are post-chemical, which means that they believe one does not need to look any further than nature to find the key to being healthy.

There is ‘something’ suitable for every lifestyle in Biocol Labs’ all-natural product range. Are you looking to kickstart your body after a taxing holiday season? Biocol Labs has a week-long detox in the form of seven glass ampoules chock-full of artichoke, fennel, choline, chicory, rosemary and l-arginine.

In need of a cure for a bloated stomach? Their Something for Bloated Tums digestion tablets made with probiotics, papain, bromelain are sure to do the trick.

Biocol Labs Something for Bloated Tums tablets


Biocol Labs Something for a Detox Week ampoules


The brand’s manifesto reads, “Welcome to the post-chemical society. A place where nature, science and art have no boundaries. Feel free to stay forever.” Don’t mind if we do. 

by Jamison Kent

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