Face Halo launches the Face Halo X

FACE Halo has launched the Face Halo X, a compact precision makeup remover developed with their new contour knit microfibers. Face Halo has changed the way we remove makeup and the microfibre technology makes it an environmentally conscious and cost-effective method of removing makeup.

Face Halo Set

The Face Halo X Set

Consumer research conducted by Face Halo revealed that 47 per cent of women will touch up their make up in the morning without removing the previous makeup. The Face Halo X has a compact, sleek design that gently removes even the toughest makeup.

Sustainability is key as the original Face Halo has replaced over one billion disposable makeup wipes in the past three years. The Face Halo X is a new way to precisely remove makeup.


Face Halo Model

The Face Halo X

by Kate Haselden

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