Fashion Illustration Gallery Collaborates with Christie’s and ISSA

The Fashion Illustration Gallery proudly celebrated its new exhibition with a private viewing at Christie’s showroom this week.  ISSA’s chairwomen Camilla Al Fayed hosted an elegant dinner party at Blakes luxury hotel after the viewing to conclude the evening. The presentation features a mixture of both established and up and coming fashion illustrators from all over the globe.

Fashion Illustration Gallery At Christie'sThe Fashion Illustration Gallery

Influential works by David Downton, Antonio Lopez, François Berthoud and Tanya Ling are showcased.  The exhibition’s main purpose is to expose fashion illustration to a wider audience, thus blending the boundaries between fashion design and art.  Those in attendance included Camilla Al Fayed, William Ling, David Downton, Alek Wek, Tim Blanks, Tanya Ling, Evangeline Ling, Susie Lau, and Marko Matysik amongst others.

by Cynthia Gregoire

The exhibition is open for viewing from December 13 – 19.