The Glass selection of our favourite latest perfumes

WHILE we are in the depths of winter, what better opportunity to explore some richer, warmer scents? Glass has picked our favourites from the recent fragrance launches which include some adventurous avant garde ones as well as some very comforting ‘fumes.

Twilly d'Hermès Eau Ginger - 85ml © Studio des fleurs 

Hermès, Twilly Ginger

Hermès, Twilly Ginger
Sassy, light and punchily pungent, Hermès’ latest  perfume Twilly Ginger is a gorgeous confection of peony, candied ginger and cedar.

£111, EDP, 85ml

Jo Love, Red Truffle perfumeJo Loves, Red Truffle 21

Jo Loves, Red Truffle 21
Celebrating the 21st anniversary of eponymous founder Jo Malone’s first fragrance store, Red Truffle 21 is a fabulous fig with rich, crisp and fruity notes you can almost taste, enhanced with cooling pine and juniper. If you are a fig fragrance lover, you will fall hard for Red Truffle.

£115, EDP, 100ml

Lys Solaberg-100 ml perfumeMaison Crivelli, Lys Solaberg

Maison Crivelli, Lys Solaberg
The globetrotting French founder of this Maison Crivelli, Thibaud Crivelli, believes “each perfume is a living experience” and the fragrances he creates are inspired by the unexpected. This one, the exquisite Lys Solaberg, he says is like “discovering lilies during a night hike on a fjord”.

 £170, EDP, 100ml

Acqua di Parma Lily of the Valley 


Acqua di Parma, Lily of the Valley

Acqua di Parma, Lily of the Valley
The lovely Lily of the Valley from Acqua di Parma perfectly balances a pretty lily of the valley with sparkly citrus ingredients of bergamot, grapefruit, blackcurrant, enhanced by musk adding warmth and depth. Pure enchantment.

£199, EDP, 100ml



sana jardin, Vanilla NomadSana Jardin, Vanilla Nomad

Sana Jardin, Vanilla Nomad
Vanilla can be hard ingredient to work with. Too much and it is sickly and overbearing. However, this is not the case with Vanilla Nomad from the socially conscious luxury brand Sana Jardin which riffs on its seductive aspect and is as enticing as it is soothing.

£95, EDP, 50ml

Vanilla Diorama Christian DiorLa Collection Privée Christian Dior, Vanilla Diorama

La Collection Privée Christian Dior, Vanilla Diorama

When making Vanilla Diorama, Dior Perfumer-Creator François Demachy wanted to explore Christian Dior’s favourite flavours, orange, and cocoa and – in particular, vanilla – “to reveal its fragrant, nuanced beauty, and to embody its mellow aspect, heightened by joyful citrus notes.” The result is a sophisticated, complex and fresh perfume.

£220, EDP, 125ml

EDPFM_Synthetic JungleEditions Frederic Malle, Synthetic Jungle

Editions Frederic Malle, Synthetic Jungle
Green, so very green –  Synthetic Jungle bursts with leaves and twigs, mosses, dews, the latest Frederic Malle fragrance created by leading perfumer Anne Filipo, is a vibe. If hyper pop was a perfume, it would be this. Biting and glossy

£195, EDP, 100ml available from Liberty London

By Kilian, L’Heure Verte

By Kilian, L’Heure Verte
With his The Liquors collection, Kilian Hennessy, scion of the world-famous French cognac-making dynasty, celebrates his family’s illustrious history. The phrase L’Heure Verte is roughly translated as “happy hour” in French and this same-named perfume, the abstinthe-infused woody, green and aromatic, L’Heure Verte also contains accents of liquorice absolute, violet leaf patchouli, vetiver and sandalwood.

£165, EDP, 150ml

Cartier Les Epures de Parfum, Pure Rose

Cartier Les Epures de Parfum, Pure Rose
A rose is a rose is a rose said Gertrude Stein. And there are also many rose perfumes and many of them are lovely. This new fragrence from the Cartier Les Epures de Parfum  certainly is. Pure Rose is fresh, vibrant and almost bursting with fragrance bright and untainted – with hints of wood, amber and vanilla to add depth.

£225, EDT, 75ML,

by Caroline Simpson