First Look presented by New Museum and Rhizome

First Look, an ongoing series of digital projects by the New Museum, New York, will now be co-curated and co-presented by Rhizome, an internet arts organisation.

First Look began in 2012 with Image Atlas by artist Taryn Simon and developer Aaron Swartz. It has since showcased twenty-three new digital projects. Going forward, First Look will feature eight digital projects yearly, presented on both the New Museum and Rhizome websites.

The first project in this new collaboration will be by artist Frances Stark and senior Snapchat developer David Kravitz. Opening the Kimono (2014) documents an iMessage exchange between Frances and Kravitz. The performance was an unfolding sex chat, satirising tech culture while acknowledging the artists’ participation in it. The work – viewable through First Look as a screen-capture video based on the original, unedited chat log – is rich with insight into sexuality, technology, labour, and innovation.

Upcoming projects in First Look include works by Miranda July (September 2014) and Amalia Ulman (October 2014). First Look will be curated by Lauren Cornell, Curator, 2015 Triennial, Museum as Hub and Digital Projects, and Michael Connor, Editor and Curator, Rhizome.



Frances Stark and David Kravitz
Opening the Kimono, 2014

by Louise Lui 

Images courtesy of the New Museum