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Kaspar’s, the Savoy’s stunning Seafood Bar and Grill is, as today’s author Neil Gaiman dryly intones, “very posh”. These ornate surrounds, previously boasting Noel Coward, Oscar Wilde, Henry Fielding and Kathy Lette as writers in residence, regularly holds literary lunches with accomplished scribes. As opposed to watching someone on stage, here (if you are lucky), you sit right next to them. After a starter of Kaspar’s smoked and cured fish selection, Neil Gaiman rambles through the restaurant, reading from his newest book title, Fortunately the Milk..
A hilarious piece of cosmic escapism written for children and Dads alike, the book features time travelling dinosaurs, creatures named Wumpires and pirate-Queens aplenty, and is all illustrated by the masterful hand of Chris Riddell (Goth Girl/The Ottaline Series). Tellingly, its protagonist, who gets sucked into this wild adventure whilst just popping out for a carton of milk, is drawn in the image of Gaiman himself.
In between each course, Gaiman, alpha-Twitterer and graphic novelist (the auspicious Sandman series) and of course, acclaimed novelist as well, (Stardust, American Gods) reads and then answers questions from his opportune diners. Someone asks about possible sequels to his previous works and consequently, talking about Good Omens (co-written by Terry Pratchett) Neil is visibly moved.
He tells how Terry called up one day when he was in the car. Pratchett, who was writing his autobiography at the time said, “Neil, I’ve got a question for you, something I can’t remember…”. Thinking, “Oh, god, this is going to be terrible, he’s going to ask something, and with his Alzheimers …” Gaiman braced himself. But Pratchett simply paints a picture of how some 20 years ago, they were in New York, after just visiting a publishers, and were walking down the street, singing a particular song and then he asks innocently, “So, were we on the 40th Avenue or the 42nd?”
Visiting Kaspar’s is an incredible experience with excellent food (apple crème brulee is the tastiest dessert you will ever try). Listening to a charismatic author such as Neil Gaiman is an incredible experience. Combined, for long term fans and recent converts of its authors, it won’t be an experience you’ll soon forget.
by Justin van Vliet 
with additional reporting by Benjamin Lovegrove
All photographs by Justin van Vliet 
Glass will be covering the Savoy’s next literary lunch with Fay Weldon (seats are currently still available, so grab them while you can) on Tuesday December 3. Future authors for 2014 are yet to be confirmed, so check here for updates.
Kaspar’s Seafood Bar and Grill is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner seven days week.
Pre-theatre and children’s menu are also available
For bookings and further information on future Literary Lunches,  please telephone Kaspar’s  on 44 (0) 20 7420 2111
Kaspar’s Seafood Bar and Grill, The Savoy, Strand London WC2R OEU

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