Fragrance: Tom Ford Grey Vetiver EDT

“I don’t pop molly, I rock Tom Ford.” Though the sentiment might be a tad over-used since Jay Z released the eponymous song, it remains truer than ever due to one simple fact – Tom Ford knows what’s up. His popular Eau de Parfum Grey Vetiver has been cleverly reimagined to create Grey Vetiver Eau de Toilette, a light and refreshing yet deeply masculine fragrance for men. As usual, Ford gets it right. Vetiver is in fact a particular favourite of Tom’s, “Vetiver immediatley evokes for me the classic man, someone who has a confident, refined, and slightly traditional sense of what it means to be a man – an elegance that is mirrored in Tom Ford clothing.”

TOM FORD Grey Vetiver EDT 50mlh2Tom Ford Grey Vetiver Eau de Toilette

At first, the orange blossom hits you with a hint of grapefruit, opposing sweet and bitter citrus. The warmth of the fragrance, originating from the orris, seems ideal for Britain’s current wintery situation – rather than feel like you should be on the beach, it tempts you to embrace the cold, shrug on a knit and cosy up with friends.

Thai basil adds savoury notes whilst oakmoss keeps things earthy and close to nature, which the fragrance maintains throughout its wear. Perfect for daytime but still great for the night, Grey Vetiver Eau de Toilette is the perfect all-rounder for the Tom Ford man – never leave home without it.

by Thomas Marrington

Grey Vetiver Eau de Toilette retails at £50 for 50ml and is available here