French Perfumer Henry Jacques launches CLIC-CLAC

THE luxury French perfume brand Henry Jacques has launched a new accessory to house each of its 50 most-loved Les Classiques scents, in their new collection of solid, balm-like perfumes.

Clic-Clac Group Image

A push in terms of engineering and innovation. The Clic-Clac took inspiration from Swiss watchmaking expertise for the development of the mechanism, as well as the product’s durability. All with the purpose of withstanding life’s wear and tear. 

Clic-Clac Titane (With Solid Perfume Capsules)

The device allows its owner to carry with them the newly-developed interchangeable and refillable capsules, reviving the action of applying a solid scent, rather than spraying a liquid. 

Clic-Clac Gold Open

After being in the works for four years, Henry Jacques’s Clic-Clac is now on sale in a range of materials such as titanium, carbon and gold. The patented concept hopes to reinstall a mark of allure into everyday life.

by Pia Brynteson

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