Glass enjoys the new lunch menu at Restaurant 1890 by Gordon Ramsay

THE RENOWNED Restaurant 1890 – located within the prestigious walls of the Savoy Hotel – has just launched a new, refreshing lunch menu.

Having originally opened in February 2022, Restaurant 1890 by Gordon Ramsay is known for its focus on French cuisine. Calling upon Georges Auguste Escoffier’s cooking methods, the dishes exude gastronomic importance and savoir-faire.

Upon entering the restaurant, we are greeted with an intimate, dimly lit dining area which mirrors the opulence of the surrounding hotel. Discreetly tucked away next to the Savoy’s American Bar, visitors step into an exclusive 24-person culinary dreamscape.

Restaurant 1890

Made up of three unique courses, the new lunch menu offers a selection of savoury and sweet masterpieces.

For starters, Cornish crab is paired with a light Hollandaise sauce and fresh Marcona almonds. Acting as the perfect entrée, we also enjoyed the crab alongside a glass of Spoke Brink Sauvignon Semillon – a match made in heaven.

As we’re making our way through the first dish, a serving of Parker House roll infused with lemon thyme and black pepper soon arrives as an extra addition.

Cornish Crab

After having enjoyed the crab, we were eagerly anticipating the next delight – Isle of Wight tomatoes served alongside roe. The dish soon appears in front of us, delicately adorned with various flowers which amplify the freshness and intricacy of the plate.

Isle of Wight Tomatoes

With everything living up to our expectation, we were curious about the main course. Squab pigeon is presented alongside beetroot, blackberries and also sauce périgueux.

The sweetness of the blackberries complemented the tenderness of the squab pigeon and ensures that the dish is not too heavy for a midday meal. Meanwhile, the subtle hint of truffle in the sauce périgueux adds further flavour and nuance to the menu’s chef d’œuvre.


The staff are equally impressive and attentive. Offering warm hand towels between each course and talking us through the menu and wine choices, it’s clear that Restaurant 1890 knows how to deliver the ultimate dining experience.

At this time, the sommeliers recommend a glass of wine to pair with the squab pigeon: 2013 Torres Mas La Plana – rich, intense and inimitably smooth.

After having relished the previous courses, a mille-feuille imbued with mango, passion fruit and a hint of chilli is served as our dessert. The careful mélange of passionfruit, white chocolate and warmth acts as the perfect conclusion to the exquisite lunch menu.

Sicilian Mango and Passionfruit Mille Feuille

Finally, we enjoyed a glass of fresh mint tea alongside a selection of delicious petit fours made up of Chivas XV and cacao macarons and cherry and sakura pâte de fruits.

With James Sharp as executive head chef, it goes without saying that Restaurant 1890’s lunch dining experience is the perfect way to spend your Friday or Saturday afternoon.

by Sophie Richardson

The lunch opportunity is available to book here and costs £95 per person.