Glass interviews actor Indiana Massara

Indiana Massara opens up about her career, creativity and being social media responsible

AUSTRALIA-born actor Indiana Massara is taking the social media world by storm one post at a time. The 18-year-old performer has garnered a tremendous amount of attention following the release of her latest movie Hero Mode and her previous single (yes, she does it all) – Squeeze amassed over half a million streams on Spotify alone.

Massara is what generation Z is all about. Social media stats through the roof, a voice and a platform to inspire the young and a bright future ahead. But for now – her focus is cinema. Starring opposite Oscar-winning actress Mira Sorvino, Massara plays Paige in Mayfield’s Game – the love interest of a teenage coding prodigy who has 30 days to create the world’s greatest video game and save his family’s business.

Ahead of the movie’s release, we spoke to the actress about her all-encompassing career, what drives her and why cinema holds such an important space in her life. Here’s her take on it all.

What was the most important aspect of acting for you when you first ventured into the world of cinema?
When I first started acting, I was able to take the characters and portray my experiences within that, however I found that it actually started to help me come to terms with my own personal demons and grew to love it so much more for that reason. Oftentimes I would take how the character resolved situations and would apply that to my own life.  Shoutout to the writers who became therapists without knowing.

Indiana Massara. Photograph: Ssam Kim

You’ve got Mayfield’s Game coming out in cinemas soon, and it’s your most poignant role to date. What drove you to the storyline?
I thought it was a really fun script.  The cast included so many talented people and I knew I would learn a lot from being around them – and I did.

Glass x Indiana Indiana Massara. Photograph: Ssam Kim

What do you hope the audience takes away from the film and your performance?
Honestly, it’s a great, light-hearted movie.  I want them to just have a good time watching it with their families and enjoy the message behind it.  I don’t want anything more than for them to enjoy getting to know Paige as she’s really cool.

Glass x Indiana

Indiana Massara. Photograph: Ssam Kim

 You’re also a singer/songwriter. What is your creative process when going into the studio?
It’s different every time and depends on the emotional state I’m in.  Sometimes it’s starting with a melody, sometimes it’s lyrics.  I like to take hold of my emotions at the time and channel that into the song.  It helps me process my feelings in a more productive way.

Indiana Massara. Photograph: Ssam Kim

Indiana Massara. Photograph: Ssam Kim

At such a young age, you have garnered a significant audience on social media in a short period. Can you name an essential thing that you want to communicate to your fanbase?
I want to communicate to them that social media can cast an unrealistic light on people’s lives. I want them to remember that we are all human and that nobody’s life is as perfect as it seems.  We can’t see the before and after in every picture that is put online.

Indiana Massara. Photograph: Ssam Kim

What was the most important lesson that you’ve learned from both the music and film industry?
Trust yourself.  Your authenticity is the most important thing.

Indiana Massara. Photograph: Ssam Kim

What drives you?
I am self-motived and my passion for success keeps me going. I would definitely say I’m competitive and I want to get to the top of my fields in terms of creativity and respect.

IndianaMassara. Photograph: Ssam Kim

by Adina Ilie 

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