Glass meets Australian jewellery designer Jordan Askill

JORDAN Askill’s metaphoric rise to fame has been nothing if not exemplary. The Sydney-born-and-bred jewellery designer and sculptor began his career interning in London for the late Alexander McQueen. This was followed by successful stints at Australian denim brand Ksubi before being snapped up by Dior Homme in Paris under Hedi Slimane in 2004.

His accolades alone at present include 1st Prize at the Grand Marnier Design Awards, Elle Style Award for Jewellery Design and two British Fashion Award nominations. In 2010 he returned to London to launch his first collection under his own namesake, and began producing pieces of critical acclaim.

Glass met up with Jordan Askill to discuss his ideas, artistic inspirations and thoughts for the future.

Jordan Askill November 2015 Collection Heart Locket 2 CROP
Jordan Askill rings

What were the early inspirations to draw you to design?
My mother was an artist and my father was a musician. We were encouraged to be creative from the very beginning. As I got older I ended up going to a performing arts high school. It was there that I had a connection to design. At the time design and digital forms of media were more experimental, and my brothers and I together, were drawn to this form of being creative.

When I then moved to Paris, designing clothes at Dior Homme, it was there that I realised my connection to sculpture and jewellery and chose to pursue that.

Jordan Askill November 2015 Collection Heart Locket 1 CROP
Jordan Askill pendant and rings

A lot of your work has a strong historic aesthetic, whether it is Louis XIV or sculptures. What would you say is your favourite historical era?
My favourite period is probably the stone ages, the dark ages, and also the 1800s. I am interested in the Stone Ages as it is the basis of humanity, and where we began as a society. These later periods have a mythological and regal air to them. The late 1800s was a very experimental time in jewellery I feel. It was also the birth of Georg Jensen and the time of Lalique and Faberge.

Jordan Askill November 2015 Collection Leaf 1 CROP
Jordan Askill necklace

So much of the materials you work with are ethically sourced, why is this important to you?
I suppose working toward making my product both ethical and also environmentally aware is important because I want to create these precious pieces that can encapsulate the time we are living in and what is important, so that as we grow older people can look at my pieces and they will relate to the time they were created, and what should be important and precious to us. As the environment and global warming is a precious issue we are all aware of today.

Jordan Askill November 2015 Collection Panther CROP
Jordan Askill pendant

How do you feel the industry is changing over time?
There are lots of new mediums and ideas of what design and designers should bring at the moment. I feel while this is exiting to explore, it is also important to stay focused while doing this. It is important that what you believe in, can move on, while not getting lost. Exciting times.

Jordan Askill Multi Leaf Earring Yellow Gold Diamond
Multi leaf yellow gold diamond earrings

Where would you like to see the Jordan Askill brand in 5 years?
I would like to have an online business with my accessible pieces with a big presence. They have always been very important to me and my brand, as they allow me to connect with so many people. On the other end further developing my super fine jewellery and as part of this being able to work closer to endangered species, and help with awareness and documentation, while creating pieces of jewellery that illustrate and tell a story of our time.

by Sonia Akther

Jordan Askill jewellery is available to buy here