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THIS IS a dynamic duo particularly suited to long neglected lockdown locks. While some have tried to do their own hair, I’ve let my dry, wildly curly freak flag do its hippy thing and grow. Like Marge Simpson, my hair grows up, not down, until the sheer weight of it brings it out in a glorious spread eagle frizz fest. People have been … polite.  “That’s, er, different, Michele.”

One thing that was abundantly clear, was that it was very out of condition, and so I needed product, and lots of it, to restore it to some level of social acceptance.

So hello, Azure. My new best hair friend. For the fast fix, I can’t tell you how much I love the Healthy Shine spray.  It’s billed as an anti-pollution shield but hey, the air is probably cleaner than ever in my lifetime. It’s just weather and not being young, that does it.

Azure healthy shine

Azure Healthy Shine

It’s organic, and filled with stuff I would not know about if it were not on a label. White tea. Sugar Beet Extract. Various natural sugars. What I love about this is it gives fast shine to hair that’s not been washed, or has just been. It accommodates your time, your mood.

Wet or dry. No matter what you do, or don’t, your hair, after a couple of spritzes and hand fluffs, will be silken, shiny and look like you’ve been somewhere expensive.

Azure rescue and repair Azure Rescue & Repair Mask

Similarly, the hair mask, which has a cheeky rhyme scheme on its label: “Long-lasting repair for colour-treated and abused hair” is made of stuff I’ve never knowingly put on my hair before, such as Baobab Extract and Abyssinian Oil.

Massaged into towel dried hair and left on for a long, gossip-filled phone conversation with my sister (or yours, or anyone), it left a glossy sheen and restored the spring to my previously lacklustre curls. When you look like you’ve had your hair done, when you haven’t, that’s a result!

by Michele Kirsch 

Azure Healthy Shine Anti-Pollution Shield 50ml £15.99

Azure Rescue and Repair Revolutionary Intense Hair Mask, 200ml £15.99

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