Glass reviews Green People All-In-One Balm

I HAVE “previous” with balms, which I happen to think, cure everything in any given emergency, but recipients of my balm applications have, until now, been dubious at best, downright irritable at worst. I used to carry around a pretty pot of Tiger Balm, which is exotic looking and strong smelling and helps sore muscles and chesty coughs, but this was often dismissed as posh Deep Heat or Vicks.  Then I graduated to the more cosmetic fancy eight-hour cream, which I always picked up in multiples in Duty Free, and again, was usually dismissed with, “Posh Vaseline, ta!”

So now I have been looking for something not that posh, pricewise, and lasts ages, and smells nice and acts as a good all-round emollient and soother for rough, chaffed winter skin. A small application, a tiny fingerful, would add a sheen to your cheeks and lips and instantly soothes any area you may have just plucked or treated, such as brows or upper lip.

And hey, it would be a bonus if it were organic, had biodegradable packaging, and smelled great but not overpowering, just a bit, balmy and natural. Not asking much, am I? Enter the one of the original organic skincare brands Green People’s latest launch – the All-In-One Balm.

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Green People All-In-One Balm

Oh wait, there is more, as a responsible consumer, that I need, and that this product is 100 per cent biodegradable, which very important, but how that biodegradability evolved in tandem with the conception of the product itself. This is part of the whole ethos of Green People – the All-In-One Balm’s packaging is made with by-products of other manufacturing processes, so the pot which feels like plastic is actually made with sawdust and there are no microplastics to sit in the soil for a million years. The box the pot is contained in is also made of wood pulp



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Green People All-In-One Balm

Here it is, this All-In-One Balm; in a small, biodegradable pot and smelling light and citrusy and going on with a smooth, never claggy feel. This reasonably priced and gorgeous feeling balm truly delivers what it says on the pot: you can put it on your lips, elbows, hands and heels without feeling you are going to make a grease stain where one should not be.

Ingredients include the Christmas-y Frankincense and Myrrh, as well as moisturising Rosehip and Pomegranate.  It is SO soothing, a balm in all senses of the word. Off label, I use it to add sheen to my cheeks and for a very light scent, I put it on my pulse points and temples, as the soft scent is so calming.

by Michele Kirsch

Green People All-In-One Balm (30ml) retails at £20