Glass reviews Nordic skincare fresh from Nuori

NUORI is a super-conscious Nordic skincare company that uses only freshly blended, ultra high quality natural ingredients. Its mantra “Fight for Fresh” is a striking move away from traditional synthetically extended shelf life beauty products. Its laboratories only mix in small batches, which are promptly stored in futuristic silver, light and air-proof containers – each numbered and dated.

This process retains all the benefits of the pure extracts of organic plants and essential oils used in the formulas, giving them extra power to enliven the skin.

Nuori Infinity Bio-Fusion Serum (30ml) £175

I totally love this enriching fluid emulsion Nuori Infinity Bio-Fusion Serum – now a favourite new addition to my daily skin-enhancing regime. My face, neck and décolleté seemingly devour it at speed – as if hungry for its nutrients – easily assimilating the pure organic elements. My skin needs a new surface and this feels like a healthy foundation with it’s firming, brightening, line softening effects, helped along by ingredients such as bakuchiol, a natural retinol.

Its light clean scent and texture are delicate and remind me of springtime – new plants, light and beauty. I find this luxurious yet light serum softening and giving on so many levels, making my skin feel protected, nurtured and more youthful.

Nuori Infinity Bio-Catalyst Day Cream (50ml) £145

Next up the alluring silver jar, in which hides Nuori Infinity Bio-Catalyst day cream. A convenient pump assists me apply just the right amount of a healing layer of this, vital, wholesome botanical emulsion to my face. My usually dry, over-sensitive-to-the-elements skin is given a feeling of rehydration, protection and support, while a subtle uplift of my spirit comes through the delicate inclusion of essential oils.

Over the coming days, I find the visual outcome very fulfilling, literally evoking some of the effects of fillers, reducing imperfections and wrinkles while plumping the skin.

A wonderful fresh awakening, in the midst of winter, that has the added feel good factor of organic plant based ingredients and absolutely no animal testing.

by Sara Kirkwood 

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