Glass reviews the Alumier skincare range

THERE’s an episode of Fleabag where Fleabag’s sister tells her she looks well and asks her where she’s been.

“Boots,” deadpans Fleabag, in possibly the most relatable line in the show. PC (Pre-Corona), the fancy cosmetic counter part of the High Street Chemist is where you’d find a lot of women who wanted to look better than well, but not “done” as in surgically. The lab-looking ladies in their white coats would get you to pop up on a perch in front of a mirror tilted at a flattering angle (for the after the product is applied glance) and tell you your  skin was not bad for your age, but to keep it that way, you needed to buy these 12 essential things.

And they’d apply the 12 essential things and send you away with a whopping dent in your credit card and a goodie bag full of sample sizes of the 12 things, for your poor, ageing friends. I loved the ritual – even the post-ritual poverty.

Alumier SHEER HYDRATION BROAD SPECTRUM SUNSCREEN SPF 40 UNTINTED Alumier Sheer Hydration Broad Spectrum SPF40 Untinted- £37.50

Now that these counters are shut for the time being, and all the sample bits at the lower end of cosmetics have been taped off for safety, where can we recreate the exquisite experience of having a skin expert get you looking like you’ve been somewhere, which, this last year, most of us haven’t?

The answer is of course by Zoom, and the skincare expert’s box of fountain of youth tricks are all from the products of Alumier, a high-end skin care range that, in my case, delivered notable results in just over a week. A week, like other weeks, of not going anywhere, and as it was over the holiday period, eating rubbish and not getting much fresh air at all.

All that plus, Zoom makes me look terrible, always. My indoor lighting makes me look like I have jaundice, and my Zoom cheeks look jowly, steroidish.  This was going take a miracle.

Alumier HYDRADEW_1
Alumier HydraDew Moisturiser- £54.00


My scheduled call was with skin scientist and self-professed “skin geek” Victoria, whose own radiant complexion and gently perky way of gathering most information by asking, and not forcing me to do hideous close ups, inspired confidence.

What were my main issues? What would I like to achieve?  I told her that my morning eyes were now my all-day eyes, with darkness, puffiness, and crow’s feet so pronounced I was considering consulting an aviary podiatrist.

She took copious notes and then suggested products for the morning and evening.  She was keen not to overload me with information during the consultation, but it was all outlined on a follow up prescription email that was clear, concise and gave very specific instructions about application.

She demonstrated how much product would be needed for each application- usually a couple of small pumps, some pea sized, and more importantly, how to use the ring finger to apply under the eyes, for this finger has the least drag and the lightest touch. She showed me the little darting, gentle patting movements for the delicate under eye area, which reduces pull and drag.


 Alumier Retinol Resurfacing Serum £69.50

The consultation left me feeling hopeful, and when the products arrived, I was eager to follow the instructions to the letter.

Let me just say a word about the packaging. I don’t usually care about this stuff, but these tubes are something else, design wise. You lift, twist, and secure, and then do it all in reverse to close it. This in itself is a thing of beauty. No pesky lids to lose. It feels posh before you even put it on.

ALUMIER EVERACTIVE C&E PACK_3 Alumier EverActive purchased as a pack of three £149.00

Morning starts with the gentle HydraBoost cleanser, which contains argan oil and Vitamin E, so refreshing without leaving that dry, soapy feel.  Victoria firmly expresses that everything must be dry before you apply the next bit, which for me was the AluminEyeCream, with peptides and light reflecting particles that gave an immediate brightening effect.

The next part is my favourite product, EverActive C&E, which is applied sparingly, just a few drops, and the tightening and zingy effect is immediate. It contains a lot of Vitamin C, said by some in the industry to be the main thing that works. It wakes you right up and provides that lovely post workout looking flush, without the workout.

The go to ingredient in this and a few other Alumier products is Matrixyc Synte  Six, which tightens and seems to reduce lines (though everything in this regime does that so it’s hard to know which has the most effect, but you feel the difference with this one right away.)

This is followed by Hydra Dew Moisturiser, with shea butter, aloe, and a reassuring SP40 factor. I love the hopefulness of the instruction to apply it in upwards movements to my décolleté, which I have to say, has not seen light of day in a seemingly endless autumn and winter.


 Alumier HydraBoost Cream cleanser £29.50

Evenings start with taking the lot off again, with the cleanser, and then a tiny bit of Retinol Eye Gel, which has a slow-release formula. Victoria’s suggestion was to go “Low and Slow” with Retinol because it can take the skin a while to get used to it.

I have found this to be true, but this time release formula is gentler, and I did not get the peely feel I’ve had with Retinol in the past. After this, the Retinol Resurfacing Serum, with 0.25% encapsulated Retinol. This makes the skin feel marble smooth, like, crazy smooth, unprecedented smooth. No peeling in the morning, either.

ALUMIER RETINOL EYE GEL_2 Alumier Retinol eye gel £57.50

Finally, I used the Ultimate Boost Serum, which again, contains the Matrixyl Synthe 6 magic stuff.

After a nine-day trial of this regime, not as time consuming as you might think, the eye area has improved significantly, and my usual winter Goth pallor has been replaced by something that looks like I’ve done a yoga retreat in a faraway unpolluted land. Sure, I’ve been away, and not just to the chemist’s.

by Michele Kirsch

GlowDay Online skin consultation £29.50

Ultimate Boost serum- £69.50