Glass tackles early morning under-eye bags with a five-step routine

YOU go to bed, you sleep terribly and when you wake up, you’re welcomed by two new, purple and sizeable bags … unfortunately not the handbag type. Under-eye bags are a natural annoyance that the majority of us have to deal with every day. Nowadays, cosmetic surgery is available, fillers are aplenty, and there’s even a YouTube channel dedicated to yoga for under-eye.

But if you, like me, would prefer a simpler solution, with less spending, and less of the eyeball roll YouTube videos, then give my five-step routine a try. Of course – what may work for me may not work for you – but the joy of beauty products is their ability to open up a world of discovery, one where trying a particular method or product will help you learn more about what works for your skin or what doesn’t. It’s all informative!

1) Chantecaille Gold Energising Eye Recovery Mask

My first and favourite step for rejuvenating the eyes is the Chantecaille Gold Energising Eye Recovery Mask. Designed to act as a recovery tool, the masks are made up of 87 per cent natural ingredients and are natural seaweed infused with a luxurious 24 Karat Gold Serum, a serum rich in powerful components that re-plump and moisturize. Apply three-to-four times a week for 20 minutes at a time and go about your morning or evening tasks with no risk of the eye masks sliding off. Perfect! Once you take them off, leave the residue serum to sink into the eyebags and work its magic, and after two weeks your eye-bags will look and feel revitalised.


2) La Roche Posay Hyalu B5 Hyaluronic Eye Cream

As someone who suffers from milia spots (a result of moisture trapped under the skin), I am always sceptical about trying heavy creams for the first time, eye creams especially. Despite this,  La Roche Posay is a brand I’ve heard only good things about, a brand that prides itself on formulating products for sensitive skin, and a brand who listens and responds to the advice of top dermatologists, bloggers and Beauty Editors.

Their Hyalu Eye Cream has a similar approach, it is unobtrusive, thick, but not heavy, and it plumps the under-eye to smooth out creases and ensure eye-bags are not hollow and accentuated. Loaded with plenty of vitamin B5, La Roche Posay’s Hyalu eye cream boosts the under eye’s natural renewal to new levels. It also works as a nifty primer for the next step too…


3) Le Correcteur de Chanel in Vert and Le Correcteur de Chanel in Beige

It might sound like I’m complaining now, but in winter I also suffer from redness around the eyes too. So when I heard about Chanel’s colour corrector range I was instantly intrigued, the Vert corrector is made to reduce the appearance of redness by masking the visibility of blood vessels and counterbalancing red areas. Not much is needed to cover imperfections, a single dab would be enough to cover your under-eye and when placed beneath your concealer and foundation the effect is magical.

For best results pair it with Le Correcteur de Chanel concealer. The texture is creamy and it glides smoothly over the skin, you only need a small drop to cover the under eyes – but it is buildable if you want more coverage – it settles comfortably and it doesn’t crease into any fine lines. It tackles imperfections and signs of fatigue with an energising active ingredient, which helps the product last up to 8 hours, and a light-reflecting pigment, which creates a blurring effect, resulting in fresh and long-lasting blemish free under eyes. Together, the Chanel Le Correceurs in Vert and Beige work perfectly in my makeup routine and have become products that I can’t live without.

Both £28.00

Chanel ConcealerLe Correcteur de CHANEL – Shade, Colour-corrector: Vert

Chanel ConcealerLe Correcteur de Chanel – Shade: Beige 30

4) Prisme Libre Givenchy

Prism Libre by Givenchy is a unique loose powder that combines four shades to create an ultra-natural and longlasting setting power. The polymer and talc complex absorbs excess sebum and mattifies skin – perfect for setting your concealer steps and providing long-lasting under -eye coverage. Your skin feels velvety soft after application and, unlike other setting powders, the Prism Libre doesn’t dry out my skin. Silica and mica give the product a transparent finish, blurring imperfections and increasing radiance.  Anti-oxidant protection is provided by Prism Libre because of its inclusion of Vitamin E as an ingredient. To apply the powder, I use a damp beauty blender when I’m after heavier coverage, and I use a small powder brush when I’m after lighter coverage. The ability to build makes this product even more of a winner in my eyes.


Prisme Libre Givenchy

5) Diorshow Maximizer 3D Triple Volume Plumping Lash Primer and Diorshow Iconic Overcall Spectacular Volume Mascara 

An easy and effective way to distract from your eye-bags is, of course, by opening the eyes with thick and fluttery lashes. I recently tried a lash primer for the first time and was won over. Diorshow Maximizer 3D Triple volume plumping lash primer coats each lash with a dense lightweight layer to elongate and thicken lashes before your normal mascara. Its revitalizing oil serum concentrate improves thickness, curl, and the look of lashes for ever-increasing results, application after application. Use daily before mascara, or for added effect use on its own overnight to moisturise and prep lashes for the next day.

For best results pair with Diorshow Iconic Overcall Spectacular Volume Mascara. With a curved brush and a formula enriched with K Polymers that boast tensor, sheathing and fixative properties, the Diorshow Iconic Overcall Spectacular Volume Mascara in  Noir achieves volume and exceptional curling power like never before.  Lashes are plumped from root to tip and as a result, your eyes appear lifted, framed by a set of eyelashes only Dior could secure, and most of all there’s no fear of pesky smudges ruining the delicately placed concealer and powder you worked upon earlier!

Both £27.00


With your morning routine perfected, you’ll sleep easy at night, and with that, your cycle to better bags begins …

by Lily Rimmer

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