Glass tries, tests and loves the latest Green People Skincare range

I AM a big fan of Green People founder Charlotte Vøhtz, who had a vision, 22 years ago, to come up with a natural, organic range of skin care because her own daughter, then two, suffered from terrible allergies and eczema, reacting to even so called “natural products” which Vøhtz found, were sometimes nearly 100 per cent synthetic.

She had a mission to come up with something that not only would not irritate the most sensitive of skins, but also not do some kind of long-lasting damage to the planet.

Vita Min Fix 24 Hour CreamGreen People Vita Min Fix 24-Hour Cream

Now I have previous with supposed natural products that not only ripped my pores to shreds but also clogged up the sinks of any flat I ever irritated the landlord at – which was most flats. I used ground apricot kernels, which messed up the pipes something terrible, and didn’t do my skin any good either.

Fast forward many years, and the most important thing for any skincare regime for me, is that it is gentle, but effective, that it cleans without stripping, and renews without feeling clogged up, sticky and claggy.  If it smells light and delicate and holistic, bonus points.

My new skin care best friend is the Vita Min Fix 24-Hour Cream, which is a light, and lightly scented cream that works beautifully both as a day moisturiser and a night cream. It really, really does reduce the appearance of fine lines and is a Beauty Bible award-winning product. It smells clean, cucumber-like and has to my mind, an immediate toning effect.

Fixing eye serumGreen People Firming Eye Serum

My problem area, like most people, sleep deprived or just a bit older, is just under the eyes, my excess baggage. The handbag friendly Firming Eye Serum, with a squeeze and roll applicator, takes immediate effect, tightening and lightening the area which I top up with concealer. No chalky residue, which you sometimes get with immediate tightening products.

Round midday, my skin is starting to feel the effects of central heating, which is where the Toning, Hydrating Mist comes in, which is a cooling spritz of Aloe Vera, Orange Blossom and Rose.  It fixes any make up re-application or just cools you down when you are feeling hot and bothered.

Gentle Cleanse & Make up RemoverGreen People Gentle Cleanse and Make-Up Remover

When it’s time to wash the lot off, I go for the Gentle Cleanse and Make-Up Remover, which not only leaves the skin feeling fresh, clean and moist, but also calms down any minor inflammation with Aloe, Calendula and Shea butter.

This combination of products works well for me, but there are so many more products from Green People that might be better suited for your skin type and age. Take a look on the Green People site and take the phone off the hook, as you may be some time.

by Michele Kirsch

Green People Vita Min Fix 24-Hour Cream (50ml) retails at £20
Green People Firming Eye Serum (10ml) retails at £16
Green People Gentle Cleanse and Make-Up Remover (150ml) retails at £20