Gucci and the Kering Foundation ask you to #StandWithWomen

THIS global pandemic stretches beyond the virus itself. Women of all ages are being affected worse than men, as the underlying gender inequalities across the globe are rising, especially violence against women. Gucci are adding to their efforts to tackle Covid-19 with Chime for Change alongside the Kering Foundation who are coming together to #StandForWomen.

This is a new campaign with the aim to support women and girls across the world by addressing the heartbreaking gender-based violence that is heightened due to social isolation by giving financial aid o nonprofit organisations who specialise in protecting women. Donations have already come in from Kering and their foundations in China, Italy, France and America, as well as €2 million from Gucci.

#StandWithWomen Campaign

The co-founder of Chime For Change and Kering Foundation Board Director Salma Hayek Pinault announced today with a video message a call for a unification of us all across the globe to take a stand against this violence – more so now as the health services are being pushed to their limit to save lives from Covid-19. She states, “We stand in solidarity with women everywhere because we cannot risk the progress we have made in the long fight for gender equality.”

Alongside this, the Kering Foundation have launched another campaign #YouAreNotAlone as a source of information and resources targeted at women who have survived domestic abuse and to show them where to get help.

by Imogen Clark 

To directly donate to the #StandWithWomen, click here