Gucci brings Gucci Cosmos Exhibition to London

GUCCI has just announced that its notorious Gucci Cosmos Exhibition will be opening in London starting mid-October. The exhibition, having already been very well-received in Shanghai, will be presented in a dedicated space at 180 Studios.

The exhibition focuses on spotlighting some of the most iconic pieces found within the House’s archive. British artist Es Devlin, the original designer of the exhibition, has ensured that the exhibition also pays homage to the importance and influence of London on the legendary designer, Guccio Gucci.

The curator of the exhibition, Maria Luisa Frisa, has been pulling new, previously hidden articles from the archive to guarantee an educational, inspiring experience for all visitors.

Gucci Cosmos acts as a perfect platform to demonstrate the long, rich history and legacy of the House. The exhibition travels around different cities of the world enticing new audiences through the universal language of fashion.

In 2024, Gucci Cosmos will go on to cities such as Paris and Kyoto, where different stories will be referenced in order to provide an expertly curated experience for each city. The exhibition highlights the House’s continuous innovation and its ability to follow the cultural zeitgeist since it was first established in 1921.

Showcasing a wide variety of brand memorabilia throughout the decades, the exhibition promises to provide in-depth insight into the House’s heritage. The exhibition will run from October 11th to December 31st, 2023 and is a must-see for London-based fashion lovers.

by Sophie Richardson

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