House of Creed adds Carmina to its fragrance portfolio

IN A highly anticipated reveal, the House of Creed introduces its latest olfactory masterpiece, Carmina. This alluring fragrance promises to whisk you away on a captivating journey through sensuous landscapes and is poised to become a must-have addition to the brand’s prestigious fragrance portfolio.

Drawing inspiration from the House’s illustrious tailoring heritage, Carmina finds its roots in the cherished fashion sketchbooks of Henry Creed, a legacy handed down through generations of the Creed family.

These previously undiscovered treasures were recently unearthed in the private quarters of Avenue Pierre 1er de Serbie, unveiling a vivid tapestry of opulence and grandeur.

The vibrant pages of these sketchbooks were adorned with elaborate, voluminous dresses crafted from sumptuous fabrics, invoking a sense of timeless elegance and luxury.

Carmina is a fragrance that embodies the spirit of the fearless and passionate women depicted in these sketches—the ultimate heroines, ready to embark on their next thrilling adventure.

The fragrance’s composition is a testament to this electric sensibility. Carmina boasts a commanding sillage, with contemporary notes of black cherry and pink pepper infusing a modern twist into a heart of violet and subtle rose. Adding an element of mystique, a seductive base unfolds with two of perfumery’s most treasured ingredients—myrrh and frankincense.

Finally, a fusion of amber and smoldering musks creates a captivating blend of powerful yet ethereal notes, leaving an unforgettable olfactory impression.

by Adina Ilie

Launching 20th September 2023 at Creed Boutiques and Retailers:

£260 for 75ml

£165 for 30ml

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