Issey Miyake Eyes unveil their latest collection, Bone Series IX

ISSEY MIYAKE EYES has unveiled their latest innovative eyewear collection, Bone Series IX. The eyewear project that began in 2015 ensures designs that follow their three core values of — basic everyday wear, fine quality and ability for long-term use, attributes their latest release aligns with.

The distinguishable qualities of the collection are a bridge featuring two intersecting lines and the thin structure of the glasses frame.

The cross bridge design secures the shape of the product as well as joins both rims with its heat-compressed top bridge and bottom bridge attached and finely hand-welded by experts.

The narrowness of the glasses mimics the brand’s values of simplicity with its delicate and sophisticated aesthetic and simultaneous implication of rigidity and lightness.

The two variations of the frame come in geometric structures of Hexagons and Pants and sit sturdily on the wearer’s face. The Hexagon shape comes in a selection of gold, silver and black while the Pant is available in silver, black and brown shades.

As for the material make-up of the eye rims, the component is constructed out of hybrid titanium, an exceptionally robust titanium alloy and demonstrative of being three times more strong than pure titanium. The rigidity and flexibility of the material are boundless with its ability to maintain the strength of the lens within rims as thin as 0.7mm.

The finishing touches give a refined flair to the final product with its intersectional bridge revealed in both a shiny and matte surface and when combined give a sophisticated impression.

The integrated nose pads have also been given a matte finish with a function to aid the grip of the frames ensuring the accessory doesn’t shift when wet.

Issey Miyake Eyes’ launch of their Bone Series IX showcases the brand’s unwavering dedication to craftsmanship with the remarkable amount of effort and time they have given to create their newly released innovative collection.

by Nicole Pereira