Layer upon layer – the Glass selection of layering perfumes and re-envisioned classic scents

GLASS presents some of our favourites perfumes of the layering trend – a technique where you create your own signature scent by combining them, you don’t have to spray them on top of each other, think about spritzing your neck and then your wrists with different ones.

We also feature some reinvented classic fragrances and intriguing launches from some brilliant British female-founded brands.

Guerlain Aqua Allegoria, Rosa Rossa Forte

The debut of a new scent in Guerlain’s Aqua Allegoria collection of eau de toilettes (EDT) is always a highlight of the fragrance year and, for 2022, Guerlain perfumer, Delphine Jelk, has revisited two of its best loved ones, Rosa Rossa and Mandarine Basilic, interpreting them as eau de parfums – doubling down on their volume and intensity. It’s hard to choose a favourite, but Rosa Rossa Forte, which suits the coming autumn days. “Rosa Rossa Forte is a sunset rose, an intense, fruity and velvety rose.” says Jelk.

Rosa Rossa Forte (EDP) retails at £95 for 100ml with the 200ml refill at £153

Loewe, Earth

The latest launch from Loewe’s Botanical Rainbow range – based on the concept that each perfume is part of an “inclusive rainbow” (denoted by the flacon’s colour) – Earth, housed in a mauve bottle, with a wooden top, has balmy, sweet and warming truffle notes combined with accents of pear, elemi, mimosa and violet.

Earth (EDP) retails at £89, (50ml) and is  available at perfumesloewe

Boucheron, Fève Tonka de Canaima

A new unisex fragrance from Boucheron, Fève Tonka de Canaima is the creation of perfumer Alexis Dadier, the nose behind launches for Bottega Veneta, Jo Malone London and Off-White, among other. This is an enticing smooth amber vanilla scent is powdery and complex with hints of tonka bean, bitter almond, violet and a rose-patchouli accord.

Fève Tonka de Canaima (EDP) retails at £175 for 125ml

Available exclusively at

Ruth Masterbroek, Marlin – Lavender Dune

Leading British perfumer, Ruth Masterbroek, has debuted a range of EDTs each with a separate English-grown essential oil infused rollerball used to customise and amplify the scent, designed to uplift your mood and well-being.

Being very fond of lavender, Glass really likes Marlin – Lavender Dune, inspired by the Kent coastline, and is an aromatic balm for the soul, infused with lavender, armoise, cedar atlas, amber.

Marlin – Lavender Dune £65, EDT, 30ml

Electimuss, Mercurial Cashmere

Created by the perfumer Sofia Bardelli, Mercurial Cashmere is a new fragrance for the Italian brand, Electimuss. Mercurial Cashmere is a beautiful, soft, graceful and hypnotic amber which entrances with hints of smouldering woods and ouds, as well as bergamot, pink pepper, cardamom, iris, ambergris, caramel, tonka, vanilla, oud and cedar.

Mercurial Cashmere (EDP) retails at £225, (100ml)

Ormonde Jayne, Gatsby 22

Inspired by The Great Gatsby, “My all-time favourite book and author, it conjures up a time of jazz, pearls, dinner jackets, and classic convertible Rolls Royces,” says Linda Pilkington the founder of the fabulous British perfume house Ormonde Jayne of her latest scent, Gatsby 22.

It’s a perfect accompaniment for sunny days and climes. Its lovely citruses – Sicilian lemon and bergamot – are mellowed by osmanthus and orange blossom while musk and leather add an assertive boost and as well as longevity.

Gatsby 22 (EDP) retails at £110, 50ml, available in US and UK exclusively

Gatsby22 120ml

Chanel, Les Exclusifs de Chanel Sycomore Extrait (Parfum)

Les Exclusifs de Chanel Sycomore has been interpreted as an extrait du parfum and showcased in an ultra-limited-edition case – containing only 20 numbered pieces. A very exclusive launch indeed.

This luxurious formulation intensifies the composition of the original Les Exclusifs de Chanel Sycomore, launched in 2008 – a polished and rich woody floral musk with accents of rich vetiver, cedar violet, vanilla and vetiver.

Les Exclusifs de Chanel Sycomore  (Extrait Parfum) retails at £207, (15ml)


Jo Loves, Golden Gardenia

A recent launch from another wonderful British perfume house, this time fronted by Jo Malone CBE, the gender-neutral Golden Gardenia is a grown-up, worldly-wise and confident take on the floral fragrance. Bursting with rich gardenia petals, it has a more formal backbone provided by suede cardamom, elemi and grey woods notes.

Golden Gardenia (EDP) retails at £115, (100ml)

Goutal, Folie d’un Soir

The fourth launch in the Geraldine collection, inspired by pivotal events in the life of the founder Annick Goutal, the seductive Folie d’un Soir is very feminine, warm, yet sparkling, rich and alluring. It oozes with wood, incense and spicy notes such as pink pepper, Turkish roses, myrrh, incense, olibanum, leather and cocoa.

Folie d’un Soir (EDP) retails at £132, (100ml)

Available exclusively at

Bulgari, Allegra Magnifying Myrrh

A smouldering luxurious amber, Magnifying Myrrh is a recent launch by Bulgari for their Allegra Magnifying Essence range – designed for those who like to layer our scents to create a unique perfume. Of course, you can wear it solo. Composed by master perfumer, Jacques Cavallier, who says, “I wanted to create an astounding and unique myrrh for Bulgari, which lives up to its extraordinary legend. A sumptuous white amber balm that is both luminous and mysterious.” In our opinion, he has succeeded.

Bulgari, Allegra Magnifying Myrrh (EDP) retails at £160, 40ml

by Caroline Simpson