LFW AW16: Le Kilt

Scottish designer Samantha McCoach introduced a collection centred around kilts, which are the staples of her brand Le Kilt. This season, McCoach put a 1970s punk spin on her kilts, as different tartans were the main pattern in the collection, pairing them with preppy shirts and knitted T-shirts, as well as tucked in soft jumpers, simple black blazers or black leather coats.


The punk influence was also apparent in buckle fastenings, chokers, berets, creepers by George Cox and oversized safety pins used as fastenings or just as accessories to finish off the looks.


The presentation was held at The Union Club with the music blasting and the bar packed with the fashion crowd sipping on champagne and having a ball, while a group of models was casually standing around and moving to the rhythm of the music at the back against a backdrop of a bar covered with flowers.


This location was also symbolic, as the name of the brand is partly inspired by the 1970s night club of the same name which was situated a few steps away. This collection especially payed homage to the club’s scene.


Founding her brand in 2014, McCoach was inspired by her grandmother who has been a traditional kilt maker for the last 40 years. Based on the designer’s Scottish heritage, the brand reappropriates and modernises the traditional garment but keeps the tradition going by making all its kilts in Scotland by traditional kilt makers, just like McCoach’s grandmother.

by Sara Hesikova

Images courtesy of Sane Communications

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