LFW AW19: Malene Oddershede Bach

AUTUMN has arrived in London two seasons early for Malene Oddershede Bach’s LFW AW19 show. The remarkable architecture of St Georges Bloomsbury Church was transformed into an autumnal wonderland. Lines of seats created four catwalks, each smothered in a sea of fallen leaves, as if encountered on a leisurely stroll in late October.

The familiar rustle of crisp foliage underfoot was accompanied by a live performance by musical talent James Broughton, supported by Robbie McIntosh and Stephen Darrell neé The Pretenders. The slow, soulful rhythm of the music matched the ebb-and-flow of the models, as they walked slowly and purposefully down each of the runways.

Bach has created pieces inspired by the aesthetic of Autumn, with a warm palette the foundation for the collection, just as the leaves framed the space. A base of black is lifted by plummy red, bold ochre and rich green bring a beautiful visual tempo to the collection, as well as metallic accents flirting with the rays of natural light that dappled the leafy runways. The juxtaposition of fabrics and patterns allows for a subversion of the gendered expectations of each, for example combining the more masculine corduroy and check fabrics with softs rippling floral accents.

Embroidery is key in almost every look and rather wonderfully, all are crafted in England. Each piece intricately features the most detailed floral designs and motifs, ruched and pleated and taking on the forms of mid-length dresses, soft-silhouetted skirts and elegant outerwear. Arms brave the cool autumn air with sheer organza sleeves and daring strapless dresses.

As for accessories, Bach’s collection includes items that compliment rather than distract from the inspired collection. Boots and mules are crafted in early tones of black, tan and dusty red, and the addition of sparkling heels add a glamorous accent, especially as the models paraded them through the leafy set. Sunglasses also appear, light in colour and ready for the peep of sunlight we hope to witness during the colder seasons.

Each piece in Bach’s collection was a delight. Beautifully crafted and including several delightfully unexpected elements, this collection has us hoping the leaves fall a little sooner this year.

by Lucy May McCracken

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