Medea x Mediterranea launches bag to help save lives

THE MEDITERRANEAN sea is currently being enjoyed by many on their holidays this summer, however this is also a section of water that is notorious for humanitarian tragedies.

For those fleeing for their lives from countries that are in crisis where wars, hunger and unsustainable living conditions are the norm, Europe is the safest option to go to.


With this in mind, Mediterranea was founded as a platform for civil society whom arrive at the Mediterranean after those in charge stopped saving lives. This initiative even launched a ship with the Italian flag on it, fully equipped with monitoring equipment and rescue services hoping to save some of those fleeing for their lives.


Mediterranea x Medea Bag

Struck by the message and in full-support of this, Giulia and Camilla Venturini’s leather brand, Medea, have paired with Mediterranea to create bags that will be available to those on the ship. 500 bags will be available and will be sold at €50 each, with 100% of the revenue donated to Mediterranea.

MEDEA FOR MEDITERRANEAIbrahima Lo for Mediterranea x Medea

The campaign stars Ibrahima Lo, whose journey began in Senegal where he crossed the Sahara desert, experienced detention camps in Libya and then the voyage across the Mediterranean Sea to Italy. After a trek that none of us can come even close to fathoming, Lo studies and works in Venice where he hopes of becoming a journalist who can speak about the stories of his African brothers and sisters, who similar to him, arrive in Europe.

by Imogen Clark 

Medea x Mediterranea bag is available to buy here

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